The Best Day Spa Skincare Line

The Best Day Spa Skincare Line
Christopher Brazy
best day spa skincare line
Skincare and body products are everywhere. Everyone has their own personal idea on what’s “best.” What’s really important? That’s what everyone ignores. If you want your retail sales to soar, pay attention to these qualities.

Ask 100 different people on what the best skin care is and you’ll get 100 different answers (really, see our forum post). “This line sells the best” …”that product line has the best ingredients.” It goes on and on and on. What we’re dealing with here is ego. A personal testimonial …advice. People love to give it. It’s all based on who they know, much like everyone’s favorite sports team is always their home state’s team. Who from Indiana likes the Denver Broncos? No one. Or WORSE yet, it’s based on image. We’ve all been “Brand-washed.” The medspa industry is the WORST at this. Call 10 doctors and see what they carry. I’ll tell you, Skinceuticals or Obagi.

Let’s look past the emotional attachment we have to what our top esty likes (only because she used it in school) and find out what you should REALLY be looking for in a spa product line.

We carried Dermalogica way back when. We were 1 of 2 in town. Within two years we were 1 of 20. Look at Aveda, there are now Aveda retail STORES (not salons/spas) selling product only. Why would anyone come to you to pick up something they can get elsewhere? People want their own little secret place to get those exclusive items you can’t find elsewhere.

Internet presence
Tying in with the above, if it can be had online at just over your cost, why would they buy it from you? A friend of mine told me about her lunch with a first time spa-goer. She asked how he liked his facial. He LOVED it! She asked if he bought product, he said of course. Where did he buy it? Not from the spa that recommended it, but from online for 40% off from some super skincare store.

Branding (not)
The public does NOT know about skincare lines. We do. After all look at their advertising. Do you see them in “O” or “Cosmopolitan?” No, you see their ads in spa professional magazines. Why is that? It’s because they advertise to us, so we do all of the word of mouth advertising for them. We put it up in our ads, on our websites …why spend time building someone else’s brand? If you ever do see a national skincare line advertising in women’s magazines that means they’re ready to go public with it.

I almost named this “quality” but switched. Really it’s two fold here since clients don’t really care about ingredients. Sure, if it’s au’ natural, not tested on animals and the such those are benefits, but no one walks up and asks. Even organic, who has actually ASKED for it? Or is it US hyping it up? “Our line is organic!” Actually, organic product is VERY expensive and goes BAD very quickly. So what do our clients care about? Did you guess results? Good guess! Clients would like to see results, something more than what they could buy over the counter. So look for effective ingredients (which will more likely than not mean leaning away from the “all organic” lines). Botanicals are a great mix between “earth friendly” and “result oriented.” But I’d have to say the smell is probably one of the top deciding factors in buying, so that means essential oils (not perfumes).

We don’t try stuff out before buying (sampling is the quickest way to lose a sale), we look at it! Do the labels look like return address envelope labels? Cheap. We feel it. Does it have some weight to it, is it substantial. We smell it. Is it YUMMY? Our first impression with a product (along with personal recommendations, below) has considerable impact.

Can you believe in it?
Whatever line you carry, it has to be YOUR choice. If you leave it up to staff you’ll be getting in a new line for every new hire. Let your staff know this is the line we’re using and be it’s number one cheerleader. Get staff psyched up about your skincare. Talk about how wonderful the ingredients are [our own line uses the 2 most stable types of vitamin-C out there, bonded together to further stabilize it and add to its effectiveness]. Talk about how wonderful it works and see how nice the clients’ faces glow afterwards. Your personal recommendation will have the MOST impact on sales, to your staff and your clients.

…and we saved the most important for last.

We assume a regular branded line has a decent markup. It costs $10, we sell it for $20 (100% markup, that’s called a “keystone”). A keystone used to cut it, but not anymore. You’ve got 50% in cost. 5% shipping cost. Up to 5% merchant fees for using the credit card. 10-20% commission. Then there’s the time of the receptionist to ring it up (that’s not free) and MORE importantly the LEASED SPACE that it occupies. A 500 square foot retail/reception area probably is costing you at least $1,000/month. If you’re selling $10,000 worth of product/month that’s another 10% there. So what’s left for you? 10-20% …Is that worth it?

The answer? Find a line with MORE than just a single keystone markup.

When we found a manufacturer to develop our line “Alexandra” we didn’t go with our personal favorite for everything. We went with what worked best, what smelled the best and was the best for business-sense. We didn’t have to put our “personal favorite stamp” onto every product. I personally HATE lavender. But it’s the #1 most popular scent. So guess what, we have a lavender cleanser.

To recap, find a fairly exclusive line with limited presence (especially internet discount stores). Preferable a website that would refer back to you. Make sure it looks worth it’s price, has an incredible markup %-wise with quality ingredients and stand behind it with your staff.

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