The 3 biggest mistakes advertising your salon spa on TV

The 3 biggest mistakes advertising your salon spa on TV

EVERYBODY keeps asking how we did so well with our television advertising campaign, it’s a favorite topic of our members-only mastermind calls.

As Zhenya says, “it’s the ONLY check I don’t mind writing EVERY month!”

Many of you are either members or have been on our email list for over a year and recall how this discussion came about.

For those who don’t, WE MOVED OUR SPA… TWICE during one year. First, when gas was 4 bucks/gallon, we moved INTO town. Then once in town, the building that had been waiting for years on a city project finally got the green light for acquisition (eminent domain) the month after we moved in!

So our final move to our current location came ONE YEAR AGO THIS WEEK, just before Thanksgiving. We were working our client list, sending cards, emails, having open houses, etc. so felt comfortable… but I had a nagging feeling.

Since we were at a new location and the holiday shopping season was just starting, I really wanted to try out the holy grail of new-client-acquisition, television, but didn’t know HOW to go about it… so I asked YOU, our entire list who had experience with it.

…only ONE person had successfully ran a campaign and MOST FAILED MISERABLY. The most common comments were:


– It didn’t work!

And for MOST the people out there, they are RIGHT…

That didn’t stop us though, so what we did is this…

We took your questions and went searching for a tv advertising guru (and found only ONE in the nation).

He had a “tv goldmine” how-to advertise on television advertising system that WE BOUGHT AND TESTED OUT (and is now available in our shop here).

Our results?

a 400% ROI (while our radio at the exact same time gave us only 1/5th of our money spent back!).

…set aside an hour and watch our webinar.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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