Tag-Team Retail Sales for your Salon Spa

Tag-Team Retail Sales for your Salon Spa
Christopher Brazy
how to improve salon spa retail sales
Most spas leave cash on the table …lots of it. They do so for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest is caregivers are nervous about being seen as pushy. It’s almost ironic that the client came to see us for advice, yet we often feel it’s being pushy to give it to them. With the help of the receptionist, retail can not only increase your bottom line by 50%, but can develop a more loyal following as well.

People buy products for many reasons. Some want a souvenir, to act as a daily reminder of their experience with you. For some it’s an impulse, being caught up in the moment and not wanting their experience to end. Some visit the spa not only to relax, but are looking for guidance but are too shy to come out and ask. Believe it or not, ALL will respect your and your staffs’ professional recommendation on what will help them. The trick is getting your staff to put their clients needs before their personal beliefs of appearing pushy.

Clients WANT to know how to take care of themselves, but are often shy to mention they don’t know how or that they fell for the latest infomercial or proactive ad. They need to be led. Take them by the hand and explain the options they have to obtain THEIR goals (which should be found out during the consultation). Professional skin and body care advice is, after all, why they came to see us. Not providing it is a disservice to the client and their needs.

To meet your staffs’ needs and the clients, meet your staff halfway. Make them comfortable in their recommendations (or SpaScriptions) by training them how to best care for the clients needs. Have them consult with the client in advance of the service to determine the clients goals. This takes some bonding, some digging and probing and is explained in detail on our “consultations that sell” DVD. Next, provide the service, then have your staff write up a “spascription” and have product ready for when they walk the client up front. Product should be waiting on the check out counter for them, next to the receptionist who will be checking them out, so they don’t have to try to find it on the shelves. Take a quick minute to say “this is the product that will help you meet your goals, you’ll LOVE it!” It is LITERALLY as simple as that. Now the caregiver mention when they should reschedule and then WALK AWAY.

THE FRONT DESK PERSON simply points toward the product sitting on the counter and asks “will you be taking this with you today?”


Here’s a recap:
Adjust your staffs’ attitude about sales, it’s about giving the client what they came here for.
Uncover the problem during the consultation.
Perform the service.
Have product to fix the problem waiting up front.
Tell them how much it’ll help (with a POSITIVE and UPBEAT attitude).
Walk away.
Have receptionist ask if they’d like it.
It’s as simple as that. Don’t go into a long speech about ingredients, or how to use it, or how much it’ll help, or how cheap it really is compared to something else, just make your recommendation and walk away. They’ll buy it. Don’t believe me? TRY IT.

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