SPA REVIEW: The Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre -South Africa

SPA REVIEW: The Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre -South Africa
Sarene Kloren
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The Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre is set amongst the historic vineyards of the 300 year old Lanzerac Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa. From the moment that you enter the quaint Cape Dutch cottage that houses the spa you immediately feel at ease. The homely atmosphere encourages guests to leave their stresses at the front door and simply relax and enjoy.

The spa has recently undergone a refurbishment and now offers a large covered relaxation pool area, Turkish hamman, warm and cold hydrotherapy pools and a Jacuzzi with stunning views overlooking the vineyards and Stellenbosch mountains

Following the world-wide spa trend of becoming environmentally friendly and going green, the Lanzerac spa has recently introduced their own signature range of organic products and signature treatments — VinAqua. These products contain the finest organic ingredients produced by farmers who farm without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. VinAqua products contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives and the packaging is biodegradable.

The Lanzerac is the only spa in South Africa to offer a traditional Turkish foam massage treatment — The Lanzerac VinAqua Hamman experience. Based on the age-old cleansing ritual from the Byzantine times and combined with organic VinAqua products, it is a luxurious and revitalizing experience to refresh and purify mind, body and soul.

Guests are welcomed with an African footbath ritual. Feet are soaked in a bowl of warm water containing African essential oils and glass marbles that gently roll under the feet, washing away stress and relaxing weary feet.

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The Vinaqua Hamman experience starts with a 15-minute steam to stimulate the blood circulation. The guest is then taken to lie on the specially built heated marble Turkish Hamman overlooking the vineyards and surrounding mountains.

The therapist begins with an exhilarating full body exfoliation using Merlot infused products. After this the warm soapy foam is applied and the therapist massages the entire body using long, sweeping movements. The foam is gently showered off and the treatment ends with the application of specially blended oils to the head that nourish the hair while the therapist massages away any remaining tension from the scalp. Finally, the experience is ended with a traditional ritual. When the treatment is finished the guest has the option of relaxing in a warm hydrotherapy pool or dipping into an exhilarating cold plunge pool — located beside the hamman.

The Lanzerac has recently introduced a romantic “Spafari” – an African safari with a difference. The experience focuses on the five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. The adventure begins with a wine tasting of wines from the estate, product sampling and a tour through the historic vineyards in a customised open “spafari” vehicle.

The “Spafari” experience includes a relaxing massage using exotic African massage butters under the protective leaves of a massive old willow tree, which take the form of an outside treatment area.

The “Spasafari” massage treatments include “The African Theranaka Avocado and Sheabutter Nugget” massage experience – blocks of Avocado and Shea butter are placed on different areas of the body. As the butter begins to melt with the body’s temperature, the therapist performs a deep tissue massage, combined with Shiatsu trigger point therapy. Another exotic massage treatment is “The Theranaka African Wood Treatment” which uses specially designed Swarthout dumbbells to glide over melted Olive and Shea butter. The guests are left with a luxury picnic basket under the willow tree to relax on their own.

The Café at the Spa makes use of the freshest ingredients to ensure tasty and healthy food, which has been selected to provide guests with the richest sources of essential ingredients. The menu includes healthy breakfasts, gourmet sandwiches, delicious salads and nutritional smoothies

The Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre also offers a host of alternative therapies, including Intergral Vanyasa Yoga — often described as the “user friendly” version of Hatha Yoga, making it easy for beginners to master. Intergral Vanyasa Yoga specialises in the dynamic flow of movement, concentrating on correct breathing and posture to integrate mind and body making it easy for beginners to master. Individual or group lessons can be arranged. Pilates classes are available on request. Pilates is often referred to as the “thinking exercise regime” because it teaches mental focus and awareness of where the body is in space and awareness of good body mechanics.

Vigor Life is a lifestyle management programme that focuses on enhancing the state of wellness and wellbeing. Individual programmes, group, post-rehabilitation, pre and post natal programmes are all available.

A day at the new Lanzerac Spa and Wellness Centre is a rejuvenating experience for anyone who wishes to recharge their batteries and completely destress.

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