Salon & Spa Recovery Checklist

Salon & Spa RECOVERY Checklist
Christopher Brazy
Salon & Spa Recovery Checklist on
This “Quick-Fix & Turnaround” Salon & Spa marketing and compensation recovery plan comes from a recent question a member asked who had to save her business and fast!

This plan also works for those who really don’t know where to start or what to do. Here are the top areas of concern and progression you should consider taking ASAP.

1st Look at your numbers. Know what your monthly fixed, variable and periodic expenses are so you know what you need to do. A simple “plus” and “minus” column for each sale and each expense will be a good start.

2nd Set a goal using specific numbers and write it down. Keep this DAILY goal in view, up front. We even write what we need to do daily down so we can keep track throughout the day where we are.

3rd FIX your highest expense (compensation) immediately. Are you paying over 42% for your staffs’ pay (massage therapists, aestheticians, front desk and management WITH taxes included)? If so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see a penny for yourself. MANY of our members HAVE made the switchover and are now profitable. Tackle it on your own, solicit help from the forums, hire us and our “compensation switchover” package, whatever, just do it!

4th Look at other expenses and fix them. MANY of your expenses can be lowered. Renegotiate your rent. Get smart with your advertising. Do you need 3 phone lines? What can and should you do about your open hours?

5th Look at other places your leaving money on the table (rescheduling, retail and esthetics). This takes implementing systems and training (do you have our dvds?). Put a system in place on how to answer the phone, book clients, handle upsells and add-ons, recommend retail and reschedule.

6th Only making money with half of your sales? Retail should be a high markup line like Alexandra. If 50% pay for staff leaves you with nothing, why do we think 50% for skin and bodycare (plus 10% commission & 5% shipping) will work?

NOW that your machine is well oiled, running smoothly and not leaving money on the table, it’s time to ramp up the marketing. Some of these items can begin immediately, but the more expensive advertising should wait until you’ve cleaned house with the above items.

Work your back-end existing clients first ( for new and regular clients, open houses, special events, etc).
Utilize to collect emails and send updates automatically. Call me when you sign up so I can help you get it setup right (if you miss one step you’ll regret it for life) … you should do this TODAY.
Send direct mail via to attract new clients.
Setup PPC campaigns on google, yahoo, bing and facebook.
Create a google/lbc listing.
Revamp your website so it’s web 2.0 usingĀ our services.
Start gathering video testimonials, and smother youtube with them.
Implement a HUGE referral program.
TV is great if you’ve got a budget, it ALWAYS pays for itself month after month with us (call for details).
Social media is good (youtube, facebook, twitter and a blog).

LASTLY? Consider joining our VIP program. The movers and shakers on there are making a BIG difference in their business.
So print this out and begin where you feel would be most beneficial for your salon or day spa.

“Take Action”

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