Salon Spa Horror Story

Member-Stacey has a situation many of us have seen before, do you think you can help her out?

“Hello Everyone!! My name is Stacey and I have a day spa that has been open for a year and a half.

Long story short. I had a business partner that had 10+ years experience in day spa management who was going to manage the spa…my job was to build and finance it…I was a ‘silent’ partner. With that said, we opened in August of 2007 in a thriving community and have an excellent staff.

On December 23, 2007, members of my staff started contacting me and telling me that were giving their 2 week notice because they couldn’t stand working for my partner anymore. So, here I am, a mother of 2 under 5 years old, NO day spa experience what so ever, with all my money tied up in a spa that in two weeks would have only ONE employee!!! Last New Years, I let my partner go…easy to do since she never signed the operating agreement!

It has been a year and we have managed to stay afloat, I have all but one of my opening staff, our spa won #1 day spa in our metro area by CityVoter, BUT, I still have not been able to take home a paycheck yet…looking for input on change that in 09!!

I welcome any input, advise, criticisms, etc!

Thank you!”

…comment below guys and let’s help her out!

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