Salon Spa Customer Feedback Tips

CLIENT SURVEY: Top 50 Customer Service Tips for Salon Spas
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Salon & Spa Customer Service Tips on
Clients were asked “What should all spas do to enhance your experience?” …and here’s what they said!

Make sure that the Massage Therapist asks the customer if they would like talking or silence during their massage.
Staff must be sensitive to the client’s needs by asking questions prior to beginning.
Advise clients on needed products without being high pressure.
Ask clients about pressure levels during massages and facials.
Ask about oil/lotion preferences- sometimes scents do not sit well with customers.
Most places just need to be friendlier, as spas can intimidate new clients.
Say thank you.
Train staff on the newest innovations and treatments.
Offer host service in the beginning- water, coffee, tea, and light snack.
Provide a relaxing waiting area.
Give samples or trials.
Remember customer’s preferences.
Offer feedback/satisfaction surveys.
Provide clients direct interaction with management.
Offer loyalty programs and perks.
Simplify the booking process.
Provide hand and foot massages during manicure and pedicure.
Keep a tight schedule so clients do not end up waiting.
Hire the best people in the field.
Make the entrance of the spa as inviting as the private rooms in the back.
Play relaxing light music.
Provide lots of magazine options.
Offer a variety of treatment choices.
Discount or “freeze” prices for regular clients.
Always fully explain the process of the service that is being provided.
Let the clients know you are grateful for their patronage and wish to see them again.
Subtle fragrances.
Soft fabrics.
Robes that fit all sizes.
Move the check in or check out area away from the door, as it gets busy there.
Offer a choice of music in the therapy room.
Offer upgrades on certain services (aromatherapy with massage, for instance).
Incorporate aromatherapy into all services.
Greet guests with open delight at their arrival.
Provide flavored water.
Keep a well stocked bathroom and locker room.
Provide thick robes and comfortable slippers.
Pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the facilities and employees.
Do not allow cell phones.
Have several yoga and meditation classes.
Provide lounge chairs.
Have staff work on and evaluate each other on a regular basis and give honest feedback.
Discount when guests have more than one service done.
Stay open late during the week and longer hours on busy weekend days.
Make sure the treatment rooms are warm enough
Respect the need for privacy.
No gossip, jokes, or arguments.
Offer alternative therapies such as Ayurvedic treatments.
Clients should not feel crowded or in a hurry.
Offer an opportunity to spend additional time in a relaxation room environment.

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