“Rock Star” Salon Spa Customer Service Checklist

“Rock Star” Salon Spa Customer Service
Christopher Brazy
salon spa customer service checklist
While clients are crucial and caregivers are extremely important, there’s one person that effects everyone, the receptionist.

Your receptionist is probably aware of all the basic duties, such as: scheduling, selling GC’s, proper phone etiquette, keeping the tone of the Spa appropriate, laundry, cleaning, closing, etc. but do they know their importance? Most see it as just a “phone” job and don’t realize their true role. They also act as concierge, and this is a vital role in your spa’s success since they handle the guests experience. They are also the first and the last person our guests will see so have the power to make or break a wonderful visit.

It is up to the front desk staff to make sure our guests visit is flawless. This means tactfully handling any problems as well as the basic duties. We should take care of ANY and ALL client concerns before they even arise. In short, a concierge will make sure a guests needs are fulfilled.

We are a Day Spa, and as such should always focus on the EXPERIENCE. And often, the client is nervous if they’re here for the first time. We’re not a salon where all the client expects is that you don’t ruin their hair and they’re used to being ignored. We’re a SPA. We are what birthday and anniversary gifts are made of. We are where they can go to escape with their friends. We are the place that will make them Queen for a day.

With such high expectations, and with the way “bad news” travels, we want to make sure we actually EXCEED their expectations and the front desk staff is greatly in charge of that. To help we’ve setup a checklist for our staff to use. Create your own, but here’s a sample to work from. Caregivers should have a similar set of SOP’s (standard operational procedures) for the consultation, treatment and retail recommendations.

Here’s our personal checklist for the check in and out procedure to get you started:

Check in

Know who’s coming in and be ready for them
Have their paperwork ready
Open the door for them
Greet them by their name
Confirm their appointment(s)
Update any missing info in their file
Give them a tour if new
Mention the restroom
Offer tea/water
Seat them in the waiting room
Let caregiver know they’re here and if they have additional appointments
IF doing a 2nd service, have them change into robe/slippers.
Get “thank you” card ready to mail if a new client.
Check Out

Let caregiver finish up with the client
Compliment them (your skin looks great, you look soooo relaxed, etc.)
Ask how their service was
Act on their response
Ring up service
Ask about product (should be ready and waiting on the counter with their spascription from the caregiver)
Ring up product
Remind them to drink water and have a great day!
Complete paperwork with caregiver (update birthday, email, etc).
So make it easy for your staff, help them remember their duties. Create your own SOP and talk to them about how important it is for them to follow it exactly. Have them study and then go over it with them. Practice it with them step by step showing them exactly how you’d like it done. Then role play with them to see if they’ve got it. Observe them, secret shop them, talk to them about the rewards for handling it properly (which should show up in add-ons, retail, rescheduling and customer service). Take action and set your staff into motion now and then reap the rewards of being the only owner in town to have something in place that makes sure the clients experience is unforgettable.

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