Put Your Competition To Shame

Put your competition to shame
Christopher Brazy
salon spa competition
We had two (2) AMAZING experiences from local businesses recently that know their stuff! Learn the lessons here and your competition won’t even know what hit them.

Below are two stories. Both have created referrals from us to their businesses and kept them at the top of our mind for weeks now because of how they made us feel. This is the desired response you want from clients that will boost your business to the next level.

Story 1 – Drew the waiter
Right next to our new spa are a dozen restaurants (great location btw, which is key!). One is a car wash and diner. We stopped in for lunch and the waiter blew us away. He didn’t entertain. He didn’t give us free food. He didn’t even provide exceptional service. What he did do was to create our attitude and experience for us.

First, he acknowledged us and pointed out some fantastic items. He not only pointed out what was popular, but his personal favorite (it’s what he orders when he eats there …which is what we ended up getting!). The power of suggestion is strong and works well with gift certificate sales in day spas as well.

He also suggested what a great time we were going to have and how much fun it was looking over the menu and it was obvious we were enjoying ourselves. This blew us away! We have NEVER had anyone implant suggestions as to what a great experience we were having before. It seemed a little strange hearing it, but it worked!

Lastly he reaffirmed how much we were enjoying his food suggestion and what a great time we were having, often. He literally created the whole mood of our meal for us. We came back and told our builder what a great meal we just had and he said “with Drew? Yeah, he’s great.” Can you believe that!?

Story 2 – Excellent marketing and service
We stopped by a place we haven’t been to in years. Great place, we used to go weekly, but we somehow drifted away. First off the service was superb. They accomodated all of our requests, no problems, no extra charges and no questions asked. It made me think that as “high maintenance” as we were, there had to be training or a directive from management that said “whatever the customer wants, do it.”

Then what really blew me away was their effort to get a return visit (and we all know how important RESCHEDULING is in the salon/day spa business!). With the check came a $5 off coupon (from any $15 breakfast check) AND a little plastic “to-go key ring card” (like you get from grocery stores once you “join”) with their name and number.

My jaw dropped further to the floor when the waitress walked up with four (4) huge muffins in a to-go box saying “here, we give these out to all new customers and you sounded new.” Discount coupons, key ring cards and now free food. These guys want me back!

So what are you doing?
Business managers/owners are savvy. They’re jobs, profits and possibly their livelihoods are at stake. Either they’re lucky to have outstanding staff (like Drew) or they’re making customers feel outstanding with their marketing and service. Either way, because of their ACTIONS they are reaping the benefits.

On a side note, we went to a high dollar steak hourse a friend manages and got nothing. We actually felt slighted because we didn’t get outstanding service or were made to feel appreciated, even though what we are now expecting is definately out of the norm. Someone just told me that the Broadmoor (five star hotel) spa no longer gives them free fruit on plates, but on a napkin. They now make their own clients feel unappreciated (what a mistake).

Put your medspa, salon or day spa competition to shame. Take action today to make your spa experience the talk of the town. Make your clients feel like gold. Your competition, who is doing the same typical thing over and over, the “expected,” won’t know what hit them.

“Take Action”

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