Our SECRET Salon & Spa marketing plan

Our SECRET Salon & Spa marketing plan

EVERYONE’S been emailing about what kind of plan to work out for their salon & spa marketing, here’s our plan. Remember, your marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated, just some simple steps to coordinate things. Doing so will put you at the top of your town (most do NOTHING to market themselves, let alone PROPERLY …I think we’ll setup an “online evaluation” bonus for all here on our list as a Christmas gift).

1. Mid-October, emailed our list (are you building yours?) asking what THEY would like for a fall special (facials won).

2. Early Nov, emailed results, posted on facebook page as well, with a coupon for the deluxe facial (30 off of 99).

3. Mailed an actual, physical card using an automated service to our top 200 vip clients saying “Happy Thanksgiving” and telling them to bring the card in for 30 off our fall facial.

4. Today, mailing a “wanted” card, this time to our “missing” clients with a 20 coupon and announcing our HUGE Black Friday special.

5. Next week, sending more cards to our VIP list again announcing our Black Friday open house and 3 for 1 special along with emails the day before (you’ll double your response with repeat mailings).

6. …continue with emails about instant, online gift certificates, putting up a video on our facebook page and blog announcing our Holiday party (open house right before Christmas).

7. Setup multiple keyword loaded blogs and heavily distribute videos for an online marketing assault to go along with our PPC campaigns.

8. Sending more cards/direct mail to our missing list and vip list (now that it’s been a few weeks) to invite them to our Holiday party and push instant online gift certificates.

9. Adding on 3 more network tv stations to our already successful (400% ROI) tv ad campaign for a HUGE last minute push for online gift certificates.

10. Post holiday, setup a coop of fellow businesses for ongoing tv advertising and sending direct mail campaigns every 3 weeks (cards, newsletters & outrageous items) at LITTLE to NO COST to myself except time.

This isn’t rocket science …I just spent a half hour on the phone (at no cost) to a PROSPECT for my site who is doing nothing (as nearly all businesses out there, they just don’t know how or what to do that will actually work) and she’s realized the importance of taking action to keep things afloat and is ready to INVEST in her business. How about you?

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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