New Salon Spa Services

New Salon Spa Services
Christopher Brazy
new salon spa services
“Je t’adore” is the BEST SERVICE EVER. It is the MOST incredible experience that will have clients talking about it for weeks. They be so amazed that they’ll send their friends in to experience it …and it doesn’t really exist.

Although we all wish there was some magical service that if we put on the menu people would beat down our doors for it (MYTH: whatever Oprah says is good)… there isn’t. I’ve seen medspas jump on the big O bandwagon and run out to buy a “Thermage: as seen on Oprah” and throw thousands and thousands into promoting it, only to have such little response they end up offering it for half off to see any action. HOWEVER you can turn ANY service into a feeding frenzy if you wish. We’ll show you how here and to top it off we’ll even create that “magical” service for you.

So what’s the secret? HYPE. That’s obvious, so how do we get hype for a particular service? We create it. Really, it’s that simple. ~Whatever we talk about will come to be.~ We talk about it in our sleep and to anyone and everyone we know. And I’m not saying you have to go all over town spreading the word, I’m saying do so with your existing clients. Whenever someone comes in, gets a tour, calls to book… you say “our new service is to die for, it’s simply AMAZING” and people will book it. You can even add in “social proof” (proof showing that others are already on board) with statements like “we’re scheduling them a week out they’re so popular” or “the last client who had it was so relaxed she fell asleep in the room and we had to wake her twice before she was coherent enough to get dressed!” Whatever is true, just spread the word.

Make sure your front desk is on board with this as well so they can recommend “the service everyone is just RAVING about.” If you offer it, people will try it. The more you offer it to, the more will take you up on it. It’s simply a numbers game, and the more times you speak about it, that’s just another chance for you to win. It’s like a lottery where every third ticket is a winner and you print tickets with your voice.

Now, wouldn’t it be even better if this was an EXCLUSIVE service? You bet it would! So let’s create one. Decide what you’re known for, what ties in with you USP and make something in line with that. I’m going to go with a massage since they’re the most common service, so better odds of people taking it (but if you can do this with facials, you’ll also win with skin care sales!). I want it to be deluxe, so that means an extra half hour, 80 minutes. Ok, what can we do for some serious WOW factor? Maybe a hot-oil scalp massage (if you’ve got a salon) or raindrop aromatherapy (if you’re more holistic), perhaps hypnotherapy or some paraffin or muscle relief creme if you’re known for deep tissue work. You get the idea, whatever is in line with your spa and that no one else is doing. You can even theme it with yummy scented products like coconut (Hawaiian) or grape seed (Tuscan). So what do we have, an 80 minute WOW (or double wow) service. Let’s not stop there, let’s add in value. What can we do that won’t cost extra but adds value. A glass of wine? A foot bath? Slimming creme? Serum application? Special finish such as tea, or relaxation/sauna time, or chocolates? Now THAT’S a service. Charge for the deluxe service, the wow and the value is a bonus. That should put you well over the $100 mark, but you can mention that the value is $X more or offer a $20 discount this first month only that it’s on your menu, or better yet, put your guarantee on it! Say “If you try it and aren’t amazed, it’s on me.”

Remember, the secret here isn’t the service, it’s the HYPE. Now take these steps today. Create the service and then more importantly write down the sentences you’ll be saying so you can memorize it and model to your staff. PRACTICE with your staff answering the phone and giving tours, role play (really), and see how they can work it in. For caregivers that can’t perform that new service, have them choose an existing high-end service and do nothing but talk about that. Follow these steps today and you WILL see results starting tomorrow. Download our “Custom Service Worksheet” (below) to get started.

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