Increasing Your Salon Spa’s Sales Numbers

Increasing Your Salon Spa’s Sales Numbers

We were very busy this last week with a few teleseminars for you. They both had GREAT advice and it was a joy to share them with you. If you missed out on these make sure to download them once they’re up later on this week. Despite all the work it takes to put these together, our reward is always there. Calls and emails saying how you look forward to our tips every week and print them out for your staff. It seems many of you are stepping into your owners’ shoes, taking action, and it’s paying off for you. Keep those emails coming.

So this week, we’re looking at our numbers. Gross sales numbers, staff sales numbers, rescheduling numbers… even marketing numbers so we can plan and budget for the year. Overall, we’re looking pretty good.

We don’t speak too often about revisiting your business plan, or pouring over your pnl’s, but this is what we’ve found with our own little review.

We can save $100,000 over the next 4 years by renegotiating our leases and with other vendors.
Our sales are up (WAY up) for a January.
Our retail sales are down (time to retrain staff!).
Switching our advertising from radio and print over to tv using the advice in our “tv goldmine system” paid off over 400% at Christmas and is still bringing in cash on a daily basis.
Our backend systems are streamlined, automated, efficient and inexpensive.
Product costs are under control (let’s hear it for our double-keystone skincare!).
Compensation is exactly where we want it to be.
A quick (and regular) review shows us where we are, where we can save even more, and what to focus on.

Our focus? Since we’ve got marketing down to a science and new clients daily from television, we need to make sure the staff is up to par with rescheduling and retail, so that means training. Protocols, attitude, sales, service (all the things our DVDs cover).

You need to make sure your house is in order. What’s the point of all this marketing for new clients and service to your backend clients if you don’t know what to do with them when you have them.

So we continue perfecting our system, and it’s not only paying off with sales, but with market share as well. We don’t mean to put anyone else out of business, they do that themselves. More and more people find us and stay with us.

And what is our competition doing? Sitting there, crying about the economy. Dreaming of glory days. Hoping the “money fairy” will come along and make it all better. Guess what? They are in for a hard lesson.

One of our member’s goal is to completely dominate his market, and he’s doing so. He sold over $75,000 of Gift Certificates in 2 hours. It’s on our mastermind call that’s online for members.

To listen to our monthly mastermind call Join our family now.

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