How to Train Your Front-Desk Salon Spa Staff

Front Desk Magic
Christopher Brazy

Your front desk staff can make or break your business. Literally, they can ruin you or take you to stardom. With these training tips you can make sure you’re on your way to the top.

Let’s talk about their importance first. Instill the importance of their role into them. Let them know they are the first contact, the concierge on the way in and the one to reschedule on the way out. They handle all inquiries and are crucial in getting the client to book or get their information for follow-up purposes.

Call around to other spas in your area and say “you’re thinking about a visit” to see (use our secret shopper questionnaire below):

Do they sound friendly? Like a place you’d like to visit? Can you tell if they’re smiling?

Are they order takers? Or do they lead you in the call?

Do they know what they’re talking about? Are they familiar with the services and can make recommendations?

Do they ask for the appointment?

Do they offer to send you more information if you don’t book?

Do they get your contact info or email to follow up with you?

Do they ask for a credit card to hold the appointment and make you aware of their policies/location?

Do they have information to send you if you ask for it?

Do they ask how you heard about them?

Do they offer you upgrades or add-ons?

Do they seem competent in their job?

How do you feel upon hanging up?

You should always lead the client and direct the call. Never just let them blindly wander aimlessly. You know your spa and services best so should take charge and help the client. There are also bonuses to handling the call properly. Your simple recommendation will keep the most profitable services on the books AND slowest times filled if handled properly.

If the caller chooses not to book find out how they found out about you and if they’d like more information. It takes $$$ to get that phone to ring (figure it out exactly how much and let your staff know the amount). If they know it takes $104 to get a new client, they’ll be more responsible on the phone. Never let them go to voicemail, never leave them on hold (get the second callers # quickly and offer to call them back) and never let them hang up without asking for some sort of contact info to follow up with them (we ask if they’d like us to email them a $20 coupon).

A properly trained front desk person can SIGNIFICANTLY ADD to your bottom line. TAKE ACTION this week. Setup a training and make sure they’re not missing any opportunities.

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