How To Handle an Indecent Proposal from a Massage Client

How To Handle an Indecent Proposal from a Massage Client
Christopher Brazy
indecent proposal during massage
We all hope it won’t happen but eventually it will, the indecent proposal. Will you let it demoralize your staff or handle it professionally?

The first gut reaction of many staff is to immediately freak- out. Weather they finish the service or kick them out, your caregiver will be ruined for the rest of the day if not week. They won’t be able to concentrate on their work. They may not be able to accept male clients again. They’ll be “off.” If it happens enough they could even leave the field.

Training your staff in advance how to handle the situation can make all the difference. A proper attitude about the situation is key. Let’s start at the front desk. Your receptionist should know that if anyone sounds fishy or asks strange questions or for unique services (male-brazilian) it’s best to address it up front that way it doesn’t even become an issue.

One simple fix is to ask for a credit card to hold the appointment (as we should be doing anyway) and get all their information, name, address, phone, etc. Most likely, only a valid client will provide accurate information. Those with ulterior motives won’t want to provide contact info.

A blunter, more direct approach is to simply ask. Try saying something like this: “Yes we offer that service, but legitimately. IF you’re looking for something else non-therapeutic or more sensual you should try the 24 hours place next to the strip club.”

Ok, so you should keep most away with the previous tactics. If anyone does happen to make it in without being screened out and do approach your staff, let them know that WHEN IT DOES HAPPEN to handle it with the proper attitude. They could say “I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong place. We offer therapeutic services here, not sensual.” It probably took the client a whole hour to get the nerve to ask, and after a response like that they’ll be so embarrassed that they’ll slink out afterwards.

Let your staff know IT’S UP TO THEM on weather they want to finish the service or not. If they’re in control of the situation and don’t let it affect them, then continue. But other clients will persist.

Some clients are like bullies, they get their kicks out of your response. So when you stay in control of the situation and don’t give them what they want (a “shocked” response, not sexual favors) they lose. These are the types who will continue to ask and hint, and may get touchy. This is where you, again, don’t give in and get flustered but just say “I’m sorry, you’re in the wrong place, the service is now over, you can pay on your way out.”

These words should be used only upon a proposition or severe hinting. Just because a man becomes aroused and it may be noticeable doesn’t necessarily mean he’s planning something. Sometimes it just happens.

If there’s a situation of hinting and your staff isn’t sure, it’s up to them to let the client know this isn’t that kind of place. If they persist or try to negotiate, then you should end the service immediately and ask them to pay on their way out.

Letting your staff know it’s going to happen and how to handle it is key. Their attitude and professional response, not giving in to their shock factor, will keep them in control. With a procedure in place everyone will know what to do to.

Now, take action! Write up your policy, meet with staff to train them on it and get it done. Another item accomplished.

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