How To Get More Repeat Salon Spa Clients

How To Get More Repeat Salon Spa Clients
Christopher Brazy
repeat salon clients
Rebooking a client is CRUCIAL to any spas survival. Services are where the bulk of our money is and with all the costs associated with getting a new client in, we let them walk out without rescheduling them. We probably won’t see them again for another year, if they haven’t been stolen away by another spa that’s more on the ball by then. No wonder so many spas are having a tough time at it.

Importance of Regulars
Let’s start with some motivation and what a “regular” means. Most spa visitors come what, once a year or once a quarter if we’re lucky. And it often costs us $$$ to get that new client into the door. Imagine how much we’d $ave if we got a client to visit sooner instead of finding a new one. Well, we’d first save on that $$$ to get them in the door and if they came 4x as often, that’s 4 times the income! Could you imagine if we took all our yearly clients (probably 80% of your list) and made them into regulars that came 4 to 12 times/year? A spa that would normally do $240,000/year would be doing $800,000/year. That’s a jump! So how do you turn a yearly visitor to a monthly regular (our lifeblood!)? Much of it is done BEFORE the service even starts.

The Three P’s
A consultation in advance will help you achieve your rebooking goals. DO NOT hand a new client a pile of forms and ask them to fill them out. That’s a waste of their time and an insult when the caregiver walks in and asks the same questions they just took 15 minutes writing down answers to. INSTEAD, try this:
Have the receptionist get all the basic info (name, addy, phone, credit info, etc) upon booking the appointment.
Have the caregiver’s consultation focus on three things. Finding out their preferences, uncovering their problem/concerns and preparing a plan to fix it.

A consultation that focuses on the three P’s (preferences, problem & plan) will help the client take action on achieving their health care goals instead of procrastinating them away. People rarely take care of themselves so we need to help them prioritize their health care goals. After all, why are they getting a service anyway? Because their skin/body NEEDS it. The thing is we’re lucky that they’re here at all, let alone back in a month to continue working on their needs. Find their concern/problem AND GET THEM INVOLVED WITH IT and you’ll find a new regular. Nothing has a magical fix that can be taken care of in one treatment and then ignored. Multiple visits are required. But that will never happen if the client isn’t emotionally involved. They don’t just come in and say “oh my God! I hate my skin, please fix me!” They come in and say “oh I just got a gift certificate and thought this would be nice.” It’s up to you to find out their real concerns which takes some probing… actually, a lot of probing. We’ll go over this deeper in our “consultation” article.

Exclusive, Limited & Yummy!
What if the client just didn’t open up and your staff can’t get people on board with a treatment plan to meet their goals? Try something else. Sell to the “yummy-ness!” People love the personal touch spas offer and if you can give them a good enough excuse to be back in, they will. Setup a series of limited, exotic treatments that are just to die for. Since they’re only available for a month or two you should have good luck getting them back in to try them out. When the client is checking out have a little promo/sign by the register and mention “Ohhhh, you’ve GOT to get back in to try this. It’s only here until next month.” Since you’ve got to order special product in just for a limited time you could price it $20 more and then hand out $20 coupons for it. People take action better with deadlines.

What if they say there are money issues? Really, that means we didn’t educate them enough to create enough desire, but we can still work with it. We’ll work with their desire of money by setting up a membership plan or series special. Offer a steep discount for a year commitment on a plan or a series of “buy 5 get 1 free.” You could also have a reward program in place. Let them know that they get X for their visit(s) and even for rescheduling before they leave. People love these things, Jennia will drive across town to get a gas stamp in her book for free milk.

Lastly, ATTITUDE IS KEY. Here you can tag-team with the receptionist (just like with retail sales) to take the pressure off the caregiver. Have the caregiver walk the client up, recommend the product, ask for referrals/pass out their card, mention they’ll touch base with them shortly to see how their doing and TO GET BACK ON THE BOOK IN 4 WEEKS SO WE CAN CONTINUE WORKING ON THAT PROBLEM. Now the caregiver can WALK AWAY.

The receptionist picks up the ball and ASSUMES THE SALE. That is she says “same time 4 weeks out?” or “is 4 weeks good for you?” Or if you don’t have luck with that try “Isn’t she just awesome! She books up well in advance. When did she say to come back in?”

By following these steps, this simple routine, you’ll see a nice increase in pre-bookings.
YOU MUST TRAIN your staff.
YOU MUST EVALUATE them performing it.
IF you fail to instruct them, practice or check up on them they will take the easier of roads and just say “goodbye” which is the last time they’ll get to speak to that client again.

Now, write up your training plan, schedule it, demonstrate it, practice it, evaluate it …and be the one to reap the rewards for your persistence in completing it.

Remember, you have to TAKE ACTION to make change.

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