How to Eliminate Your Salon Spa’s Competition

Be Competition-Free with a USP
Christopher Brazy

Would you like to be competition-free? Do so by differentiating yourself. Actually, if you don’t differentiate, you will be seen as a commodity, the same as everyone else. When given a commodity the only way the client knows how to differentiate is by price. Your USP (unique selling proposition) will set you apart and remove you from the price wars.

Dyson vacuums did this really well. “The vacuum that doesn’t lose suction.” They took a problem and made it their specialty. Not only that, but this implies that all other vacuums DO lose suction. Money is tight, but people still CHOOSE to pay HUNDREDS more for a Dyson. They were educated on the difference.

If you don’t have a USP, which is more than a tag-line or slogan (i.e. relax). “Relax” says nothing about you. Develop your USP now. It should be at the forefront of all your advertising/marketing. Since a USP is unique, I can’t tell you what yours is. I can tell you how to make one though.

Go through the list and figure out where your strengths are. What’s your spa’s name? (notice FaceLogic doesn’t offer massages). Start by compiling a list of what you do that is different. What is your position in the marketplace? Do you have an affinity or relationship to any groups? Do you have a hidden benefit or added-value no one else does? Do you creatively solve any client problems/concerns? Can you get a celebrity endorsement? What’s your guarantee? What message do you want to send? Something owner- centered (based on credentials/celebrity)? Service/Procedure centered (great for niches, specific treatment)? or Client centered (result-oriented, emotional ties, WIFM)? Look over the list and see what sets you the furthest apart from the rest. Look at what is in highest demand. Look at what your competition is doing. Decide what will be your USP.

For example, at your spa you offer botox, laser hair removal, massages, same-ol’, same-ol’, blah, blah, blah (the same laundry list of services everyone else offers …see why listing this in your ads is deadly?). You also have gotten REALLY good at treating Acne, are a no- tipping spa and have staff that’s been with you for 10 years. There’s 3 other places that treat acne in town, plus you do a lot of massage business, so that’s out. Everyone else accepts tips, plus people love a bargain, so you choose to go with that and add on your guarantee info. You come up with: “Keep your money – No tips allowed, guaranteed”

Not the best, but the best I could come up with in 10 minutes. Now you try it. Then sleep on it and look it over the next day. Think about it all week. Ask your staff and a few clients what they prefer. Tweak it but don’t sit on it forever, give yourself a five day deadline (no one takes action without a deadline). A mediocre idea that is out working will bring in more that a perfect idea that never gets implemented.

Set yourself apart now. Get out of the price wars. Take action. Let us know what you come up with in five days.

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