How do you feel about LABOR Day?

How do you feel about LABOR Day?

Labor …can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.
(if you’re already a member, read this anyway, it’s a good story).

It’s labor day, “time to celebrate all the accomplishments of the American worker and the prosperity they’ve created for our economy.” (source, US Dept of Labor)

Almost ironically, our economy isn’t doing too well, but I don’t think the American worker is the cause for that. But Looking at the above statement, I think the prosperity really comes from the American small business owner, don’t you?

Labor certainly is a VITAL part of our or any small business, but it is the owners who have put everything out there …risked their lives savings and home to put the business out to the public …to give labor an opportunity to make a living.

And what about our SALON AND SPA Industry?

Even more ironically, it’s LABOR (specifically compensation issues) that are KILLING US. The demand for 50% (or more!). The demand that anyone they touch is now their client. The demands that they can just come in, pick up the money, leave and come later for more, without any thought of paying their dues and building (or keeping) clientelle.


Many hide their heads and hope for the salad days to return …you shouldn’t.
Many hope for MORE clients (and although we show you how to get them, THAT isn’t the real problem and shouldn’t be your focus).
Others just close up shop, exhausted, and walk away …such a loss.


TAKE CONTROL of your own spa, fix the situation and ride this economic wave to prosperity.

We’re having a record breaking year in our own spa.

Our members are dealing with the nightmare issues, fixing them and LITERALLY saving their businesses and are now MAKING MONEY.

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