Holiday Day Spa Promotion Makes $75,000.00 in 2 Hours

Holiday Day Spa Promotion Makes $75,000.00 in 2 Hours

Ok, many of you who have been on our list for a long while have emailed asking if we truly believe that we’ll actually make our NYEve resolution of doubling our numbers this year, with the recession/depression in full swing for salons, day spas and medispas. And, honestly, I have to answer YES. One of our members made $75k in 2 hours this year, and he’s up 20% over last year (more on that shortly).

How will we double our numbers? Well, with systems and EDUCATION. We take our own advice. To quickly recap, we have set our goals. We’ve written them down. And we’ve, most importantly, stated how we’re going to do it. Then we’ve gone one step further to keep you, faithful reader, as an accountability partner for us. We’ll state it again now.

We take time DAILY to work ON our business instead of IN it.
We’ve written down our goals and HOW we’re going to achieve them.
We’ll attract new customers using our “tv goldmine” system (we’re having our busiest January ever!).
We keep our customers by using our resources mentioned online (particularly the autoresponder and card emergency).
…and NOW we’re going to turn all of our Gift Certificate sales/future clients into REGULARS by EDUCATING OURSELVES AND OUR STAFF.

It never fails. You setup systems, establish protocols, do everything possible for your staff to wow your clients and grow their income, and they fail to do so. It just seems human nature to take the easy way, even though it will hurt us, and we forget to do things. That extra treatment step gets skipped. The thank you cards fall behind. Calls the next day don’t get made until next week. So to fix this we have to train and RETRAIN. Retrain them on the basics, a refresher is always good. Check up on them to make sure the steps are being followed. Go over subjects again and again until their masters at what they do and it’s second nature to them.

THEN take time to educate yourselves as well. We have 3 excellent opportunities for you this week.

FIRST – Douglas Preston is speaking Monday, the 19th (TODAY!) on Boosting your retail sales, at 12pm pacific time, 3pm eastern time.

SECOND – Nicolay Kreidler is speaking on how to design Eco-Centric spa treatments to set yourself apart from the competition on Wednesday, the 21st at 10am pacific time or 1pm eastern time.

THIRD – Our members-only mastermind call is now online. We go over marketing strategies for Valentines day (or any holiday) and speak with Skin, Inc’s “Marketer of the Year” Scott of Esspa and find out how he made $75,000 in 2 hours on Black Friday (and made another $12,000 on Christmas eve AFTER he closed his spa and went home).

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