Salon Spa Marketing with Patti Biro [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Educational Marketing”
Patti Biro
Patty Biro on
Do what no one else is doing, utilize your space, get free press and create events with educational marketing.

“Educational Marketing” by Patti Biro

3 Reasons Salons FAIL by Ken Cassidy [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “3 Reasons why salons fail”
Ken Cassidy
Ken Cassidy on
Salon veteran Ken Cassidy of Kassidys goes into the 3 main reasons salons and day spas fail. 20+ minute interview.

“3 Reasons why salons fail” with Ken Cassidy

Front Desk Blunders [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Front Desk Blunders”
Maryellen Ferring
Maryellen Ferring
Maryellen Ferring points out mistakes that MANY spas make at the front desk that are easily fixable. 20+ minute interview.

“Front Desk Blunders” with Maryellen Ferring of Upsell training

Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

WHAT A WEEK!!! I bet you know what we’re talking about. But ours is in a good way… kinda. Aside from juggling the kids, messing with taxes, running our business and more, this week we have:

1 – Got in with the YMCA and setup some great opportunities.

2 – Finalized our DAY SPA SUMMIT for YOU! It’s 12 of the industry’s best minds and FREE. We hope to have it begin in 2 weeks.

3 – Been up to the wee hours of the morning EVERY NIGHT working on our new VIP membership. THIS MONEY-MAKER is going to be just INCREDIBLE for those who step up for it. We’ll give everyone here on our list a head start before we go public with it and promote it heavily early this summmer.
CLICK HERE and hit SEND to get on the priority notification list now.

So all this begs the question to be asked…


Take 4 minutes and listen to Jennia to find out the answer…

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Three-Punch to Salon Spa Profits!

Three-Punch to Salon Spa Profit!

INCREDIBLE ideas from Patti Biro & Felicia Brown from the day spa expo that we just had to share. You can educate your clients, have an event AND get on the news all at the same time. Check out the video for details.

OTHER ITEMS of note are:

1 – Have you got your Mothers day plans in the works? Now’s the time to start on that.

2 – We’ve lined up a dozen awesome speakers for everyone, we’re calling it the DaySpaSummit. Keep your eyes open for more details on it.

3 – We surveyed a few thousand spa owners and MORE PROFIT is at the top of their list for concerns. So we’re letting all of our secrets out of the bag and bringing on even more expert coaches to help you out via our VIP MEMBERSHIP. We’re going to surround you with success and do it all for half what we planned on charging IF you join during the first week.

Take 3 minutes and listen to Christopher about how to get on the news…

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Vegas, baby!

Surround yourself with success!

Thanks for the emails asking and sorry about the delay, we’ve been in Vegas!

A goldmine of information from each and every presenter. NEVER skimp on your education.

However, we can help catch you up, we’re having an online day spa summit in a few weeks that you can get in on to get up to speed on a little of what you missed.

…but you’ll never be able to get in on the networking and relationship building. “If you want to learn how to golf, you don’t hang out in a pool hall.” Just act quick next time opportunity comes around. Check out these pics, priceless!

Take 3 minutes and hear about our trip…

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We’re On Fire!

We’re On Fire!

Wow, we’re on fire! We’re getting more and more of our $20 “promo” gift certificates handed out by other businesses (essentially a coupon, everyone upgrades to a full treatment).

Our TV spot has made us VERY popular, everyone wants to work with us.

We’re also speaking at the Day Spa Expo in Vegas next week (do you have a spa there??? Let us know).

There is NOTHING like education to get you a quick return on your investment.

And since we’re spending time working ON our business, we don’t have to worry about finances. We spent a BEAUTIFUL day with the kids at the Denver zoo.

Take 3 minutes and listen to Jennia about the details of her latest deal…

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