Top 3 Mistakes Made with TV Advertising [WEBINAR]

Top 3 Mistakes Made with TV Advertising

Compensation Disastors by Skip Williams [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Compensation Disasters”
Skip Williams
Resources & Development Skip Williams @

Skip Williams tells us how to survive the economy

“Compensation Disasters” by Skip Williams of Resources and Development

Survive the economy via compensation changes, 20~ish minutes. There are NO skips this time!

The Top 3 Facebook Salon Fan Page Mistakes

The Top 3 Facebook Salon Fan Page Mistakes

PR for Salon Spa’s [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Become a PR Powerhouse”
Nancy Trent
Nancy Trent, Salon Spa PR
This 20+ minute interview is a a great eye opener, get your pen and be ready to take notes.

“Become a PR Powerhouse” with Nancy Trent.

Atmosphere Spa Design Sam Margulies Speaks [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Purpose, Vision & the Experience in Spa Design”
Sam Margulies
Sam Margulies on
Creating, or redesigning a spa? This is a must see.

“Purpose, Vision & the Experience in Spa Design” by Sam Margulies of Atmospheres Spa Design

Under 15 minutes. The “skips” are mine, but the info is awesome.

Felicia Brown from Spalutions on Marketing [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Client Marketing Touches”
Felicia Brown
Felicia Brown on
Felicia Brown of Spalutions shows us all the different “marketing touches” a client encounters that can win or lose a client.

“Client Touches ” by Felicia Brown of

20 minutes of all the different ways we touch our clients.

Inspiring Champions Lauren Gartland [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Inspire Yourself”
Lauren Gartland
Lauren Gartland on
This inspirational talk will help you set and achieve your goals.

“Inspire yourself” by Lauren Gartland of Inspiring Champions

Find out what you need to create your vision, 17 minutes. PARDON THE SKIPS, our data was corrputed.

Salon Marketing Mindset with Andrew Finkelstein [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Marketing Mindset”
Andrew Finkelstein
Andrew Finkelstein on
Andrew Finkelstein of the Beauty Resource shares his tactics on how to create a mindset that produces profits.

“Marketing Mindset” by Andrew Finkelstein of &

VERY important info on your mindset, goals and taking action. Don’t miss these 14 minutes (PLEASE pardon the skips, the data was corrupted).

Salon Spa Accounting “6 Numbers” with Monte Zwang [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Six Profitability Numbers”
Monte Zwang
Monte Zwang on
Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital shows us how to simple keep track of six numbers to ensure profitability.

“Six Profitability Numbers” by Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital

Under 20 minutes. The last third of this is just great.

Yield Maximization in your Salon Spa with Ellen McGinnis [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Yield Maximization”
Ellen McGinnis
Ellen McGinnis on
Ellen McGinnis of shares her secrets the resort spas use to make clients buy more.

“Yield Maximization” by Ellen McGinnis