I made a promise to all of you at the beginning of this year.

It was that I’d double our numbers at the spa by this coming Christmas.

I am CERTAIN we are going to do this.

We’re already up 33% (via some systems we implemented in-house and new clients from our “tv goldmine” system).
Now I’m upping the ante by adding Social media into the mix.
The knock-out punch will come from utilizing a special combination with Internet video marketing.

******************* THE BEST PART? *******************

We’ll be able to sell our business for $500,000, buy a home free and clear, and no longer have to deal with the daily grind of working IN our business… just from taking a year to work ON our business.

Here’s to the good life! We’re CERTAIN of it.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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Are you serious about your salon spa business?

Are you serious about your salon spa business?

We had a GREAT weekend, personally. It started out on Saturday with taking the kids swimming (twin 3 y.o.’s in a wave pool with Ivan [5 y.o.] adding to it). We followed that up with some play time, a nice dinner out, dessert and a movie.
Sunday continued with lazing about, then a picnic in the park, kite watching, playtime, ice-cream, naptime, back to the park and a casual dinner.

So what does this have to do with business?

Since when we work on our business it’s serious, decisive, planned and implemented.

We don’t have to worry about our spa 24/7

We don’t have to worry about if we can cover rent or payroll

We can use our business for what it was built for… to enjoy life, each other and our kids.

time savers

You have resources online that save you time and make you some of that green stuff (at no cost! they’re in our “profitable resources” section).

You have dozens and dozens of members-only articles online (and even more for our VIPs).

Last week you saw how to get on google.

You have a huge support group of fellow owners in our forum that talk about compensation weekly!

Do you measure up?


Where do you stand?

Have you made the changes you wanted?

Is your business supporting you as you’d like it to?

Have you taken action and implemented things until they’re up and running on a weekly (or at least monthly) basis?

We’re closing up our VIP section this week. If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet by joining, do so now. We need to focus on those who are serious about making their business thrive.

Don’t delay, or it’ll be too late. Click the links below.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

We spent $2,000 this week

We spent $2,000 this week.

We spent $1,500 on our business this past week via EDUCATION.

We flew out to the IECSC in vegas last week.

We learned from the best minds in the industry.

We met members and heard how well they’re doing.

We networked (your netWORK is your netWORTH).

And we got a LOAD of great content for our members here such as:

1 – A 25 minute interview on the spa waxing business by the wax queen herself, Lori Nestore

2 – Another interview with salon guru Jon Gonzales

3 – ANOTHER interview on “how to reschedule” with Jaya Schillinger

….and that’s just to start!

The lesson learned?

ALWAYS invest in your education, there is no better payoff.

Dead Waitress

Dead Waitress.

So, those commercials of the strawberry and whipped cream deals at I-Hop have finally persuaded us to come in (the kids got their way… again).

It cost ’em a pretty penny for tv advertising I’m sure, but it worked.

So we show up Sunday for brunch and they’ve even got a guy doing free balloon animals for the kids! The place was packed.

We coordinate our ordering for what we both want and what the kids will eat (you can tell we’ve been married too long can’t you) so Zhenya didn’t get what she really wanted (the mushroom spinach omlette with hollandaise sauce).

Then a few hours later our daughter, Alexandra, says she wants eggs for dinner so we’re back off to I-hop for dinner.


OK – You won’t believe this.


The place is empty, and we’re used to poor service (I think it’s our town), but here’s what we got:

Wrong information
More incorrect information
Missed requests
Another forgotten request
and a complete INDIFFERENCE to our presence (I think she was even the acting manager).
The lack of concern, questions, personality from the morning we wrote off since it was so busy, but this evening was even worse. You’d swear our waitress was dead. Normally, you would think if we were one of two people there in her section she’d really wow us to try to maximize her tips, NOPE.

…so it made me think (as I often do as an owner) “Employees!”

Then it made me think the company is ultimately responsible for molding their employees into what they want them to be.

Then it hit me that if that was a spa service, I would NEVER be back after paying that much to have received the “same ‘ol” service from someone who could care less if I was there or not.




Are you letting your staff ruin your business?

Are you too busy working IN your business that it’s falling apart around you?

Too busy with financial worries to put forth the effort and work required to turn things around?


We’re closing our discounted VIP Charter membership as soon as we get back from IECSC next week, so we can tweak it and launch it to our “big” subscriber list at the regular price.

Want in on the inside track before your competition?

Send a blank EMAIL to us (or include a question) and we’ll keep you posted about the relaunch…

OR BETTER YET, get in our the charter membership before we close it.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

Are you buying clients for your Salon?

Are you buying clients for your Salon?

Looking at our monthly numbers we realized something.

You see, we’re happy, MORE THAN HAPPY, to write a check for $2,000.00 every month for our television advertising.

It’s gotten us dozens of clients EVERY week consistently.

BUT, it made us realize something…

We’re BUYING clients.

Of course, we all are, in all we do. Television, radio, print, web, our signage even our training of rescheduling tactics.

We just never openly admitted it and noticed it in that light before.

HERE’S WHAT IS IMPORTANT About “buying clients”…

It’s the cost. Let us explain that better for you.

Do you buy them for X dollars and never see them agian until next year?

Did you get a retail sale with the visit (or not)?

Was your cost of labor 40-50%? (ouch!)

YOU SEE… what you do with the client is much more important than what you paid for the client.

Our cost of acquisition is low, but spa services are fairly cheap, so it’s not an overly-profitable business.

BUT we upgrade them, sell them retail, reschedule them, get referrals… all with our systems that are in place, so it pays off in the long run.

So, you ARE BUYING CLIENTS… how do you treat them? What is it costing you?

Use our resources online if you’re a member, if not…

JOIN our family and really grow your business, turn it into the profit center you always dreamed it to be.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

Salon Spa Compensation Plan Disasters

Salon Spa Compensation Plan Disasters

Compensation, like it or not, is the MAJOR expense in our business, AND…

it’s such a LOAD to bear, it’s KILLING MANY SPAS.

We’re doing a special free video for next week that will identify the key elements needed to survive this summer.

Our free “summit video” (link below) has Skip Williams discussing Compensation Disasters.

You know the thing that really gets us though?

It doesn’t have to be this way, it really doesn’t.

People rather go out of business, lose their dream and file bankruptcy than take action to fix it.

They think it’s not possible… that it’s too hard… it’s NOT, it’s SIMPLE.

MANY of our members have a PROFITABLE compensation setup.

We’ve helped more than a handful of members make this change personally.

We sleep well, very well, every night knowing that we’ve helped turn another spa owners business around.

Those members who have tried it on their own are in the best place possible, SURROUNDED by those of us who have done it.

YOU can improve your compensation, whatever it may be.

Watch Skips video.

Get your expenses under control before it’s too late.

Use our resources online if you’re a member, if not…

JOIN our family and really grow your business, turn it into the powerhouse you always dreamed it to be.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

How to get a 400% increase in your Salon Spa over last year

How to get a 400% increase in your Salon Spa over last year

To be honest with you, we’re pretty psyched.

Our mothers day sales are up 400% over last year.

They’re about equal to the Christmas we just did.

That means our Christmas this year should be 400% over last as well.

That ADDS up and positions us for a HUGE payoff when we sell.

We know, we know, you want the DETAILS.

Really, we’re doing very little, we SHOULD be taking much more action than we are, but we’re not.

We’re using our “TV Goldmine” system (it’s in our shop) to get NEW clients.

We have SYSTEMS in place to maximize each client call and visit.

We’re using www.CardEmergency.com to work out old clients.

Our retail has a double keystone markup so brings in lots of cash too.

Staff are trained on how to consult, service, reschedule and sell retail.

…and with HALF THE SPAS OUT THERE GOING UNDER, we’re poised to capture all those clients who have nowhere to go.

We’re going to own our town.

Where will you be in 6 months?

How much profit will you be taking home AFTER you pay yourself?

What EXACTLY are you doing to make it happen?

How often?

JOIN our family and really grow your business, turn it into the powerhouse you always dreamed it to be.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?