BEWARE: Salon Spa Email Scam

BEWARE: Salon Spa Email Scam!
Christopher Brazy
salon spa email scam
We received a call last month, it was our dream client! It in reality was almost our worst nightmare! Here’s how the scam works.

Someone calls saying they would like to book some appointments. They’re for quite a few out of town guests and want whatever you’ve got. Wonderful! Your biggest multi-service package for half a dozen people. And even better it’s during the weekday. Just when we needed it most, too. He pays in advance via a check which he overnights. Sounds great, right?

Just before the appointments he calls and says there’s some terrible emergency and he has to cancel (everyone was in a car accident on the way over). What horrible news! Obvisouly, he won’t be able to make it in. He wants to know if you could refund via MONEY ORDER fedex’d to him right away.

Notice the scam? He paid with a FAKE check that you won’t know about for a few weeks. He wants a MONEY ORDER for a refund.

So how do you avoid this?

Well, watch out for this or any other “too good to be true” story.
Next, get a call back number. He couldn’t provide one to us.

You should also ALWAYS be only holding appointments with a credit card. You don’t have to take the money, but it will help avoid no-show and scam clients. You can even take a small deposit from it for groups to make sure it’s valid.
And the obvious, you don’t return money you don’t have yet.
With these practices in place (make sure your front desk staff is following your policies and not cutting corners) you’ll be safe and can avoid these type of scams.

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