Attack of the Salon Spa Staff

Attack of the Salon Spa Staff
Janet Sanders
salon spa staff attack
Have you ever undergone an attack of the staff? It starts easily enough. You walk in the door and immediately people are telling you “we need laundry detergent, there are no slippers that match, isn’t my next client a request – that name looks familiar!”

Breathe deeply and smile. Always smile. A busy day running a spa is always better than a miserable day ________ (fill in the blanks with your last corporate wage job).

In most cases your employees just want you to be informed so that you can fix the problem. However, if a list is set up to keep you informed of items needed soon (detergent, polish remover, product, napkins, whatever) you can always get the list from the break room and make a dash out to pick stuff up. That’s easy.

What you should NOT do is to lash out at your employees saying “everyone just back off I just walked in the door!” Not good. You just set a bad tone, vibe in the spa. Now everyone is walking on eggshells and making plans to go home early or call in sick the next day to avoid you.

It’s not easy being the boss. But you gave yourself this distinction when you opened up your own business. You told your friends and family you could handle it. Well — this is it. You have to wear many hats. Some hats look good on you — the friendly concierge, the likeable shopper gathering supplies. But for some reason the Manager’s hat gives you the willies and doesn’t quite fit. Did you have a bad experience with a crazy boss? Did you vow never to BE a crazy boss? Don’t let your past experiences cloud your actions. Take people as they are and treat your employees with respect and admiration and they will do the same. Remember you EARN respect — it is not automatically given to you just because you are the employer. They are in a closed room giving spa services to your customers. They should know what you expect and how to conduct themselves and professionally represent you and your business.

If you love the spa business it will be very apparent to your employees and customers. If you are treating your spa business as a gold mine and the gold is not there and you are stressing, well then it may be time to end the misery and do something you truly enjoy doing. People want to do business with and work with people who enjoy what they do.

Although I don’t like being bombarded with questions when I walk in the door, I know my staff is concerned because these things need to be done and they know how important it is for the spa to run smoothly. If they did not care and whined and complained and did not alert me to things that are important they are no good to me or my business so I let them go ruin someone else’s world.

At the end of the day all problems are resolved. We made many clients so happy that they are returning at a later date. The laundry is still going. The phones are ringing. The website is up and selling for us 24/7. We have money in the bank. Cash tips are dispersed. We go home, get up the next day and do it all over again.

Work alongside your staff and set the tone of professionalism for your spa business. It will reward you with a satisfied group of employees that will grow with you because they believe in you.

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