A Salon Spa Owners Duties

A Salon Spa Owners Duties
Christopher Brazy
salon spa owner
Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Does your day just fly by and nothing ever seems to get done? Too busy handling all the small details to ever accomplish anything? If so, you’ve got “owner-itis.” Curing yourself of this disease will GREATLY increase your profits.

When we opened our first spa, we worked. I mean we worked! 80+ hours/week and then some. Into work at 10, out at 9, 6 days a week and then 7 hours on Sunday. Eating out at the restaurants wolfing down food in 10 minutes then off to home to sleep and start over. Then we began to grow. A larger location, an employee, then two, then a dozen. Eventually Jennia had to get out of the room and start managing (it’s UNBELIEVABLE what trouble staff will get into unwatched). Our first esty stole all the client info. The next one stole clients from her fellow caregivers. We even caught a receptionist and massage therapist giving each other brazil waxings on the clock (how do you book an appointment while being waxed?). So the caregiver hat got put on the shelf and the management hat went into action full tilt.

Guess what. Our “income” was down since we had to replace Jennia as a caregiver and she was miserable running the business. What was wrong?

She was working in the business, doing all of the daily grind. It was very tiring and starting to burn her out on the whole idea. What should she have been doing? Working ON it. By working on your business you can create a plan for growth and follow through on it. How? How can your business survive without you there to oversee every single transaction? How do you get out from behind the counter and take control of your businesses future? This is how.

start quoteWork ON your business, not IN it.end quote
– Christopher Brazy
1 – Don’t be the staff’s goto person or gofer. This happens when you don’t teach your staff to think for themselves. Do you hear “where’s this?” “how do I do that?” “we’re out of this product” (when there’s a gallon of it on the shelf). If so, you’re the gofer. If you weren’t there the place would fall apart because you answer everyones’ questions for them. Ask them a question back, “did you look?” Teach them to only come to you if it’s an emergency.

2 – Put systems in place. Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) so people know what the procedure is. Give them a checklist so they know how to answer the phone, what info to get, how to book, how to open the door and give tours, how to ring up sales and ask about retail and rebooking. How to take care of the clients, perform the service, consult, offer retail, reschedule, all of it. THIS WILL TAKE SOME TIME TO IMPLEMENT and then you need to Practice, Practice, Practice. Then eveluate them and RETRAIN them until they’ve got it right.

3 – Next, learn to Delegate. Make others responsible for certain duties and check with them to make sure they’re getting done.

4 – Outsource. There are things that are NOT our specialty. Bookkeeping for me, I’m horrible at it. But accounting, taxes, legal documents, etc. Just pay a professional to do their job (money saving TIP: find someone to TRADE services with). Even if you can’t trade for it, you’ll save enough time and headache to make paying for it worthwhile.

The results? The “daily grind” that burns out so many of us will go away. Staff will know where to look and what the procedure is because they were taught to operate that way. This takes work but it’s worth it. Delegate away the small stuff, outsource the boring stuff and you will have time to work ON your business. So what then? Create a goal. Create a means to achieve that goal. Put a marketing calendar in place to coordinate your efforts. Get out your PNL and look at what’s happening! You can adjust, adapt and overcome (is that the marines slogan?).

This can’t be done in a week (well, we do have some resources that will speed up the process). First you have to have the right MINDSET about what your responsibilities are. Write down, right now (really, get a big marker and do it) “Work ON your business, not IN it.” Then break it up into baby steps and start doing it. Take ACTION.

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