6 Retail “Must-Do’s” for your Salon Spa

6 Retail Area Must-Do’s
Christopher Brazy

Do you have product sitting on your shelves collecting dust? Do your caregivers dread recommending product? These tips will help you create a stellar retail area.

Where is your retail at? It should be front and center. Preferably right next to your check out area. This way the caregiver can quickly find product for the client, set it on the counter and have it ready for them.

You also want a “spotlight” location. Something that shows it off. You don’t want it hidden somewhere. Find a spot where there’s the most traffic, easily viewable for browsing or window shoppers and near the front desk.

The retail area must also have a certain look to it. It should reflect your spas niche. So if you’re a trendy spa, make a trendy area. Luxurious? Medical? High-end? Affordable? Make it match.

It also needs balance. We put our “elite” items on the top, then the larger items on the bottom (since they’re easier to see) and the rest in the middle. The shelves are made of columns and glass to not only reflect the luxury of our spa, but to reaffirm the products worth.

Nothing will kill a sale (and loses a client) quicker than dirt. If the products look used, who would buy them? I wouldn’t at any cost. If the shelves are covered in dust (glass collects dust very quickly) it says to the client that “this stuff has been sitting here forever, no one must like it.” Even if the spa itself is dirty (read as double check your restrooms) it reflects on your operations and will affect your sales.

Many spa owners feel the need to carry many different lines (at least 2 or 3). I don’t. Having a backup supplier is a good idea, but I am NOT of the mindset that products sell themselves; actually I have discovered the opposite to be true.

Here’s what you do need. You need enough products on the shelves to show a thriving business. If you’ve only got a couple items of each on just a few shelves people will ask if you’re going out of business. I find that a single row of product that fit on my shelves will be 6 products deep. I place the newer product in the back to make sure we keep our stock rotating (if we always put new product in the front, and only sold from the front, the product in the back would get older and older until it’s shelf life expired). When we get down to three we reorder. Three will hold us until our next shipment arrives.

Excitement must come from your staff. There’s ways to help them with this though. By following the previous steps you’ll have a retail area that jumps out and showcases quality. If you follow up on that by printing special posters you can place at the register and in your spa highlighting a monthly special you’ll be adding to that. Even printing a little take home product catalogue adds to the prestige of your line.

Lead by example. Always stand behind your products (and services) and refer to them as the best available. With OTC and MLM products costing often much more than professional spa products do these days, there’s no excuse to allow the uncertainties of a caregiver (since the line may be new to them) bring it down. Talk it up, have print marketing to show it off, spotlight it in your retail area (i.e. lighting), even show ’em an ingredient list if need be, just do it. Retail is a HUGE hidden income stream that should be just as much a part of your spa as the services.

Easy to Buy
This is all the behind the scenes information. The more steps needed to complete a sale, the less likely it is it will happen. Let’s put it in checklist form.

• Products are organized and easy to find (say I wanted the oily skin cleanser instead of the sensitive).
• Product prices are clearly marked (or easily found).
• Products are waiting on the counter for the client upon checkout (either via the caregiver, a spa-scription or the receptionist).
• Answers to questions are readily available.
• You accept any and all payment types.
• Policies are in plain sight.
• The checkout process is quick and painless.

Now print this out, head to your retail area and make it happen. You may be already set up properly or you may have some work to do. Either way looking into your specific situation and evaluation it will always be for the better. Your sales will be your reward for doing so.

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