10 Website Tweaks for your Salon Spa

10 Website Must-Dos
Christopher Brazy

Would you like your website to be a cash-cow? We’ve all seen the top 10 website mistakes, but they don’t get into purpose. We put up sites as glorified business cards without considering the reason and potential of our sites.

1 – Your website should have a PURPOSE. What is it for? To define your difference (USP)? To sell GCs? To educate? To book appointments? To build your e- mail list? Decide what you want it to do and make sure it does it well.

2 – You contact info should be easily found on any page (i.e. your PHONE number).

3 – Your website can produce income by allowing for an instant GC purchase, take advantage of it.

4 – Your website should collect emails so you can market to online shoppers.

5 – Your website should promote your USP, what you do that no one else does.

6 – Testimonials should be showcased online (text, audio & video).

7 – Your guarantee should be showcased.

8 – You should personalize your site with pictures of yourself and your staff along with some history.

9 – Utilize a headline to prompt people to read more.

10 – Create an irresistible offer with a call to action.

So your website should be similar to your ads. Use headlines, differentiate yourself, use testimonials and pictures of yourself. Utilize it’s list building and GC sales capabilities. Let people know about your guarantee so they feel safe to purchase and put your phone number there so they know how to get ahold of you!

Now, set aside time on your calendar to take a good look at your site. Better yet, find someone good/cheap that can take your instruction and revamp it for you. Set a goal of THIS WEEK to spend 1 hour to get it started.

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