What’s your number?

What’s your number?

What’s your number? You know, your final number, the number you need to hit to retire. Do you have one in mind?

I do… it’s a big one.

But I know what it is, and every day I do my best to keep working my way towards it.

It really takes a certain mindset, an owners mindset, to see through all the daily crap, the little time-consuming stuff, and get things done.

It’s takes an owner who’s serious about their business to make the tough choices, compensation choices.

I even got HATE MAIL after last weeks tip… a massage therapist that said I was ruining the profession by paying a mere $16/massage.

I also got a lot of POSITVE MAIL from people saying they are struggling and want help to fix their spa business.

So I’ll leave the final decision to my members and how close I’m getting to my “final number.”

Here’s what our members have gotten done this past valentines day…

“Hi everyone! I hope your V-day was a great success! We did really well… sold a ton of gc’s online and in-store and were booked with couples from dawn to dusk! 🙂 Lots of rebookings too.” -Ashley

“Lots of couples massages. Had two couples rooms going Friday and Saturday. Sold a good amount of gift certificates too!” -Janet

“Our spa had a great Valentines day was well… I was rewarded with “thank you” emails from clients. My favorite was two new clients that said they loved our spa and were moving all their esthetic needs to us.” -Sherry

…and we’re just getting started. March is going to be “Marketing month” and we’ve got something really big planned for everyone this summer to make the big bucks.

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