We spent $2,000 this week

We spent $2,000 this week.

We spent $1,500 on our business this past week via EDUCATION.

We flew out to the IECSC in vegas last week.

We learned from the best minds in the industry.

We met members and heard how well they’re doing.

We networked (your netWORK is your netWORTH).

And we got a LOAD of great content for our members here such as:

1 – A 25 minute interview on the spa waxing business by the wax queen herself, Lori Nestore

2 – Another interview with salon guru Jon Gonzales

3 – ANOTHER interview on “how to reschedule” with Jaya Schillinger

….and that’s just to start!

The lesson learned?

ALWAYS invest in your education, there is no better payoff.

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