Valentine opportunity.

Valentine opportunity.

As you know, Valentines day is this Satruday. Are you making the most of it?

We’d have to say that this weekend is probably the busiest weekend of the year for men in spas. Christmas they all buy GC’s, as on mothers day, but on Valentines day, they come along.

So what does that mean for you? A lot! Men tend to buy what they want (just look at all the hdtv sales). Then they justify that purchase with logic on why they should’ve bought it, but they bought it because they wanted to.

So this weekend, don’t just do a service and say “thanks, I hope to see you again,” take action! Consult with them, find out their needs, dig deep and uncover what they’d like you to accomplish with the treatment. Don’t just be another “relaxing escape” but show them what you’re truly capable of doing for them. Fill a need and they will come back when you TELL THEM TO (don’t just ask and cross your fingers).

Other lost opportunities by the majority of spas out there?

Retail product! Recommend what they need to meet their needs.

Put retail alongside gift certificates.

And if selling GC’s, LEAD THE CONVERSATION and direct them to what you’d like them to buy (just say “this is our most popular package, she’ll LOVE it!” …works every time).

Have you extended your hours on Saturday? Brought in extra help?

What about booking people on Sunday or Friday or the week following?

What about a quick addon? A brow wax? Slimming creme application?

Are you getting their info?

Get their birthday and anniversary so you can send them a card via (GREAT tool for referrals!)

Get their email so you can send them weekly/monthly newsletters.

Even people who call after you’re booked up, get their info to follow up with them.

Be proactive, think ahead, and while others are using this weekend to try to eek out an extra thousand or two in sales to try to keep their place open an extra month or so, you’ll be using it to double what they do and create a marketing juggernaut.

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