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Alright, summer is here (officially!) and our trial membership is underway.

Please let us know how you like this new, expanded, profit tip of the week format.

Online we’re having a blast! If you missed the free trial membership at salonspaowner.com, sorry, we had to cut our “invitation window” short since we were booming with responses.

It’s a real joy to see owners helping each other out and getting the support they need. We’ll reopen our doors for membership in early July once I finish the site with more audios, videos and downloads.


SUMMER… which means a lull in business for many of us. So what should we do?

Capitalize on it. How can we get unobtrusively in front of our clients?

Here are some ideas that we’ve done.

We have a client reward point system in place so we’ll download that data with client names, points earned and their phone number. We’ll then sort that data from highest to lowest points. Then we start calling to let them know they “have $X.00 credit with us via our client reward system [some didn’t even know about it!], would you like to come in and use it?”

Another idea is to have not your basic open house, but a client appreciation party! This could be a summer cookout, bbq, and potluck or if that’s too relaxed how about a mommy/daughter day? Makeup Mondays (free makeup lessons)? Princess parties (for kids), Summer Skin Checkup (for sunscreen!) or even a Sex in the City party should be back in style (facials, pedi’s and margaritas).

We also like to add a mini, themed menu and create some excitement with limited summer services. “Want a Hawaiian vacation? It’s come to you! Try a Coconut-Crème facial or a Soothing Sands Detox Wrap from our summertime-only, Hawaiian menu.”

So sit down, decide what you’d like to do, set aside some time to organize it and get it out there! Make sure you contact your top VIP regulars personally with a call, and follow up with invitations (I’ve got a great source for those) for everyone. Then triple your response by sending another mailing (a newsletter/brochure) 2 weeks later to let them know how it went (perhaps with a bonus) and then again 2 weeks after that. If you can’t mail regularly, mail in 3’s, one pop shots tend not to do the best.


If you’ve got something to sell or are looking for something to buy, list it here!

VIDEO TUTORIAL FOR OUR SITE on some of its features:

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
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