TV Advertising for Salon Spas

TV Advertising for Salon Spas

TV Advertising for Salon Spas @

“TV Goldmine” Coaching
TV Goldmine Coaching
List Price $10,000.00
Our Price $6,999.00
Members Save $3,001.00 30%

Learn from the best and never overpay a tv sales rep or marketing company again.

Brian will guide you through the 6 phases of the television advertising system. Each training session is packed with details and “next step” assignments.

Course Includes:

8 one hour training sessions, via phone, over four weeks.

Audio CD copies of each training sent to you in MP3 format.

Unlimited email communication.

Unlimited fax communication.

Value = $100,000
Cost = $6999

*Group Coaching Program is limited to 3 students.

“Why Television”

• In the 2007 U.S. Census Bureau’s “Statistical Abstract of the United States/Media Usage and Consumer Spending 2000-2009 Forecast, the bureau notes that people will spend:

o 65 days in front of the Television (up from 61 days in 2000).

o 41 days listening to Radio (up from 39 days in 2000).

o 9.5 days reading Books & Magazines (down from 10 days in 2000)

o 8.1 days on the Internet (up from 4.3 days in 2000).

o 7.3 days reading Newspapers (down from 8.4 days in 2000).

• Research tells us that our ability to communicate breaks down like this:
55 percent is visual. 38 percent is tonal. Only 7 percent of our communication success is based on the words we choose. That is a significant statistic to consider when deciding how you want to use your precious advertising dollar.

• The perception is that if a business uses television advertising, they are SUCCESSFUL.

• Allows a business to build CREDIBILITY by appearing on the same stations as major newscasters, major advertisers and major programming.

• Allows you to Engage customers Emotionally!

• Allows you to show how a customer will Feel after they buy.

• Allows you to Demonstrate the Benefits of your product or service in front of people eyes in living color in the comfort of home like no other ad medium can do.

• Full Color is free in television commercials. In print, very costly. Full color not available on radio.

• Television is a short route to the mind. It’s the Cliff Notes of ad media.

• Television is the quickest route to the marketplace.

• Television’s “Problem/Solution” television commercial creative capability can highlight people’s PAIN and demonstrates the GAIN buy doing business with the advertiser.

• 80% of adults believe television is the most influential advertising medium. Magazines, radio and newspapers combined for 20% as most influencial (Bruskin/Goldring Research 1995).

• We Covet What We See Everyday. Television facilitates this best! As the serpent said to Eve, “go ahead–you’ll enjoy every juicy bite”

• Low cost of television ads on network affiliated stations versus radio stations: Television is less expensive that radio, on a cost per person reached (or cost per thousand) basis than radio, in most cities in the United States. Do try this at home: Select the number one morning drive radio station in your market (6amto 9am time period). Identify the cost of one :30 second radio ad. Identify the number of people reached by that ad. Divide the cost of the ad by the number of people reached, this is your Cost Per Thousand or CPM. Then go to each television station in that same market and identify the cost of one :30 second television commercial in the 6am to 9am time period and the number of people 18+ reached. Divide to find your CPM for each television station. I guarantee you that you will find one television station that has an equal OR LESS Cost Per Thousand than the number one radio station in the market! Try it, see for yourself.

• New Residents are the solution to customer erosion. The very FIRST advertising medium that a person is exposed to when wake up on the first morning in their new home in their new city is the television. We all want to know what the weather is going to be that day. Yes, radio is up there as well but television is #1. Their newspaper and magazine subscriptions haven’t started yet so no ad exposure there. Ads running in the morning news on TV hit the new resident before ads in other media.

• Three interesting facts:

o Fact #1. Most small businesses spend their ad dollars on “guerilla” marketing techniques like small circulation print ads, radio ads (which they did once and never repeated), flyers, restaurant placemats etc…

o Fact #2. 85% of small businesses don’t last more than 5 years. Only 4% of new businesses make a sizeable profit after 5 years. Most business owners are experts in their chosen field but know precious little about how to market themselves. So, they repeat what they see other businesses do–in ad medium and ad message. They fall prey to every advertising salesperson who walks through the door with a “logical” sounding pitch and exhaust all their advertising budget without every having used television.

o Fact #3. A television salesperson from the local network affiliated stations will rarely walk through the door of a small business–sad fact, but true. Reason is they are so busy sitting in their cubicles at the station answering the phone taking orders that they don’t have time to get out on the street and prospect for new business. The demand for television advertising time is very intense at most television stations. The demand for advertising time at radio stations is very low (except for the number one radio station in morning drive) so you have radio station reps pounding on every small business in the market. Same with cable tv sales reps. There is so much advertising inventory available on cable that they never sell it all. My point is that unless a small business owner is exposed to the benefits of television advertising and it’s low cost, a business could go out of business without ever giving themselves a chance to succeed.

Brian Baumann Bio:

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me?

I grew up in a television advertising household. My father worked for the local ABC television station affiliate. As early as I can remember, the topic of discussion at dinner time focused on father’s clients and their successes using the TV ad strategies he prescribed for them. His clients were either service businesses or retailers with small ad budgets.

My interest in the business was forged at the young impressionable age and was deepened, at age 7, when my father began using myself and my siblings as “talent” in his clients’ TV commercials. What fun! I was hooked for life.

I learned, from the master . . . what worked and what didn’t work in all aspects of a television advertising campaign.

After studying business and advertising in college, and for the next 15 years, I worked inside the marketing departments of television stations. Fine tuning what I had learned growing up. And for the last 15 years I’ve been helping clients increase revenues with my own television advertising consulting practice.

Over the past 30 years I’ve developed and refined a television advertising system that can take ANY business and increase its’ revenue to whatever level desired.

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