Save BIG and Internet Marketing AUDIO

Save BIG and Internet Marketing AUDIO
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This weeks weekly profit tip is:

“10 Online Marketing tips” AUDIO is live AND Celebrate your Independence from the Recession by saving $678 with our limited Charter membership.

What a holiday! We went to a wedding and then watched fireworks from the patio deck at the reception hall, the city shot them off from their 10 acre “front yard.” Ivan was excited about it (being 5 years old), but for the twins (who just turned two) it was a little too much of a front row seat for them. Back to sparklers for now 🙂
We got home and there were already charter memberships rolling in, our fellow owners are taking action and making changes that will put them ahead of their competition in no time.

In case you haven’t heard, WE ARE NOW OFFICALLY OPEN.
We’re already on our way to selling out our Charter memberships (limited to 100 or 1 week from today).

We’re celebrating our “Independence” for our grand opening.
Independence from overpaying staff!
Independence from working for little or nothing!
Independence from the Recession!

What’s been 7 years in the making and one solid year of building is now available to the FIRST 100 (or for 1 week, whichever comes FIRST) tier 1 members at a price that will never go up as long as you remain a member.
You get:

FREE Registration ($99 value)
FREE access to our “Monthly Mastermind” call ($120 value)
BONUS “Compensation Pitfalls” DVD ($87 value)
51% off the regular monthly $39 price (so $19/month, $228 total for the year)

And you can even addon a MONTHLY TRAINING DVD for your spa that covers all the crucial topics for $20/month.

You can read more about it in our blog.


The “10 Online Marketing tips” by Seth Gardenswartz.


10 Your website
9 Maintaining it/updates
8 Profitable Packages
7 “Pick the low fruit”
6 Email marketing
5 SEO (search engine optimization)
4 Link networking
3 Adwords
2 Local directory listings
1 Branding

…listen to the 52 minute teleseminar now, use the download links to the left or go directly to it here

Free Public Classifieds

For sale: Spa jet hydrotherapy capsule
For sale: Polaroid Mac 5
For sale: Dermacare Microderm unit, new.
LOOKING TO BUY: Biorenu SkinMaster unit

Here’s what your fellow day spa owners are saying about us:

“This site has been so helpful. The Q&A between myself and other spa owners has been invaluable!” – Cindy, Hershey PA

“This is so timely. Thank You. Staff challenges make me lose hair and ideas. I read your email intensely every thime they come. Sincerely,” – Tessie Duffy Tessie’s Serenity Spa, Chino Hills CA

“I am currently struggling with wages vs commission and I found some wonderful insights regarding this situation and how others are dealing with it. You gave me a whole other way of looking at it.” Thanks, – Sylvia haliburton spa

“I have already started using the secret shopper form in my own spa and when visiting others. I love your hands on solutions to our everyday situations.” – Becky Cotton, owner Evolution Esthetics Skin Care Spa, Bakersfield CA

“Everything you wanted to know about the spa biz, but had no one to ask! is the place to find out what’s happening, what’s working, and how to make it both more profitable and fun. Well..maybe not fun so much as LESS STRESSFUL! I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to interact with other spa owners around the country, some with the same challenges, and others who have discovered solutions…and are willing, and even enthusiastic about SHARING them. I highly recommend this unique service. It’s a bright spot in my day!” – Suzanne Clare, DC

“This membership has given me the strength to believe in what I have to do to become profitable and make my business survive. It’s an excellent resource for those who are not sure on how to approach certain subjects and being reassured that they are not alone since many other Spa owners are going through the same difficulties.” – S. Wiendels, MN

“Day Spa Owner offers great articles and information on the issues I deal with on a daily basis. The forum is a great place to compare experiences and get advice from other spa owners who have “been there”. But really, the best part about Day Spa Owner is that it inspires me to want to do something! Sometimes the problems and issues and decisions I face on a daily basis seem overwhelming, and this site has provided the inspiration I need to keep taking steps in the right direction.” – Margo Zelinski The Massage Studio, Scottsdale AZ

“The thing I like the best is (and I can see why you are successful), that you are writing to me personally…and I feel good, intimate…Tips are short and useful, even to me who has 10 years SPA managerial experience. You remind me of small tips and most important timing… when to start doing it. Your tele-seminar, great idea…excellent, I wouldn’t mind to pay for it just to be in touch with other Spa professionals and exchange experience without leaving my office and work. I wish you all the best.” – Liliana Matic Moore, GM Bliss Spa Doha Qatar

“Hi Christopher, Thank you for the tele-conference with Skip. I found it very informative and insightful. It was exactly what I needed to hear as I am just about to do some new hiring. I appreciate the contact to be on this call. Blessings,” – Norma Stryzewski The Island Salon & Spa

“Chris – I say this with the best of compliments…There are very few people I have left who can give me an honest reality check and you are one of them 🙂 Thanks!” – Nanci B, owner Sublime Spa, FL

“I love this site!! From the moment I logged on I was chatting with other people that I could help or even better that could help me. It is nice to know that you are not alone in your struggles and even get some answers to questions that not just anyone can relate to, because as we all know the day spa business is a business like no other.” – Misty Witcher Balance Day Spa, Greensboro NC

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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