Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

WHAT A WEEK!!! I bet you know what we’re talking about. But ours is in a good way… kinda. Aside from juggling the kids, messing with taxes, running our business and more, this week we have:

1 – Got in with the YMCA and setup some great opportunities.

2 – Finalized our DAY SPA SUMMIT for YOU! It’s 12 of the industry’s best minds and FREE. We hope to have it begin in 2 weeks.

3 – Been up to the wee hours of the morning EVERY NIGHT working on our new VIP membership. THIS MONEY-MAKER is going to be just INCREDIBLE for those who step up for it. We’ll give everyone here on our list a head start before we go public with it and promote it heavily early this summmer.
CLICK HERE and hit SEND to get on the priority notification list now.

So all this begs the question to be asked…


Take 4 minutes and listen to Jennia to find out the answer…

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