Wow! What a great holiday. Ok, we can’t retire (yet:), but during all this “doom and gloom” forecasting the news loves so much, we’re doing well. As we talked about in previous newsletters, we put our plan into action over the last few months (with a few changes over the last few weeks) and it has paid off, well.

What was different? Well, at the last minute we implemented a TV campaign that did AMAZINGLY WELL. With only a $1,600 budget, we got TEN TIMES the results than from our $3,300 radio budget! And this in just from 5 days of Television advertising, our first time out. We are sooo glad we found and expert (“guru Brian”) that taught us the proper way to advertise. We’re THE talk of the town. We’ll fill you in next week, (put this in your planner now), Monday, January 5th, at 10am PT, 1pm ET. Call 308-344-6400 code 391955# and be ready to take notes on how to skyrocket your business with TV advertising.

ANOTHER THING OF IMPORTANCE is we also did some last minute training with our staff. We went over our “consultations that sell” DVD content with caregivers and “Stellar Gift Certificate” DVD info with managers and receptionists. The staff was in a slump, having hardly moved any product in the last few months, and BAMM! (I feel like Emeril) our sales are now through the roof. I think we’re up near 1,000%. We also took our basic $100 gift certificate sale and turned it into a $708 membership sale. That adds to your bottom line. Don’t forget, this is the last week for our “gift” of HALF OFF our DVDs in our SHOP if you’d care to pick a few up.

THEN we also got a few dozen people in last minute to our “Grand Opening” Open House using Call-em-all. I’ve got anyone who cares to sign up via the link a HUGE discount. I’ll have an article about that experience up shortly, but it worked really well.

SO WHAT NOW? Well, we’ve identified our most important VIP clients, there are about 100 of them. We’re going to start sending them cards with MONTHLY. This is going to generate referrals galore for us. These won’t be sales cards, or discounts, or coupons, none of that. These will simply be a heartfelt message, a holiday card, a thanks, that’s all.

One last thing. If you haven’t listened to our free holiday audio yet, do so. It’s free to members and non-members alike. We hope you had a season to remember and that this is a turning point in your business.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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