Knowing when to let go…

Knowing when to let go


STAFF, Knowing when to let go.

Getting rid of unproductive or overpaid staff is always tough. Sure, if someone no-shows a client, calls in sick every week or has a bad attitude it’s easier, but what about when you like them? Here are a few staff member stories to show you what’s at stake. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Anne was great. She was always available if anyone called in sick, always on time for work (early) and had that nerdy personality that everyone seemed to get along with. However, she felt that the mere mention of retail product was against her healing nature. We had trainings on how to offer what the client needs to assist in their needs and she’d roll her eyes the whole time. Well, after training and retraining and speaking to her about it nothing changed. Letting her go was tearful. Looking back over the year we saw that we had lost $20,000 in retail sales because we kept her on. Also, since her clients weren’t buying retail (retail = revisit) they went from quarterly visits to yearly visits, costing us further.

Ken was a hoot. Always upbeat and outspoken, he certainly was an experience to be around. Then he started his own “have table will travel” business on the side. Next thing you know he’s flipping out (he was prone to being overdramatic). “I’ve spent $100/week on a newspaper ad with a 90 day committment and haven’t gotten ONE phone call! I’m going to lose my home! Do you know what they do when they evict you? They police come and kick you out!” It was like this every shift. Spreading to the other staff, spreading to clients. Work became a dreary place no one wanted to be. Not well for a spa that is there to create the opposite feelings. Any type of negative feelings such as “we’re not busy, why do I have to wait around for free!?” or “we should be getting 50% after all we’re doing all the work!” are very infectous and damaging and should be dealth with immedately.

Then there was the wonder-esty who demanded 50% for her services with perks and bonuses or she was outta there (and if the client had a Gift Certificate for a massage and facial she would upgrade her facial and addon waxing so there was nothing left for their massage visit the following month which the client would cancel).

Or the massage therapist who was unsure about her marriage and would complain to the client the whole time about how horrible life was. Nothing like a big bowl of stress to go along with your massage.

Or the receptionist (a KEY role) who was sleeping in the back room… the list goes on and on.

IT IS BETTER TO HAVE NO ONE THAN THE WRONG ONE. When you have staff that aren’t performing as they should, speak with them. If nothing changes retrain them. If nothing changes LET THEM GO. They are doing more damage than good. It’s not just about the treatment they perform, it’s about the whole experience. Your reputation is at stake.


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