How to get a 400% increase in your Salon Spa over last year

How to get a 400% increase in your Salon Spa over last year

To be honest with you, we’re pretty psyched.

Our mothers day sales are up 400% over last year.

They’re about equal to the Christmas we just did.

That means our Christmas this year should be 400% over last as well.

That ADDS up and positions us for a HUGE payoff when we sell.

We know, we know, you want the DETAILS.

Really, we’re doing very little, we SHOULD be taking much more action than we are, but we’re not.

We’re using our “TV Goldmine” system (it’s in our shop) to get NEW clients.

We have SYSTEMS in place to maximize each client call and visit.

We’re using to work out old clients.

Our retail has a double keystone markup so brings in lots of cash too.

Staff are trained on how to consult, service, reschedule and sell retail.

…and with HALF THE SPAS OUT THERE GOING UNDER, we’re poised to capture all those clients who have nowhere to go.

We’re going to own our town.

Where will you be in 6 months?

How much profit will you be taking home AFTER you pay yourself?

What EXACTLY are you doing to make it happen?

How often?

JOIN our family and really grow your business, turn it into the powerhouse you always dreamed it to be.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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