Got your game on?

Got your game on?

The bar has been raised.

People are pickier with how (and WHO) they spend their money with.

Spas are still busy, we’re doing better than ever… it’s just taking more work than usual.

We’ve honed our marketing to a “T” and have a completely automated follow-up system.

We’re on TV and are becoming superstars in our town.

We’ve been selling mothers day gift certificates for weeks now.

People are coming to us to network with.

In-house, we’ve trained our staff to reschedule like mad (we now are selling “4 week intensives”… staff who have never sold before are now doing so simply by following our systems).

Service is through the roof.

We’re personable, educational and have refocused off of “relax” and onto “health.”

…and this is just us. We’re still a relatively small spa with a tiny advertising budget.

There will be 2 types of spas next year. The spas who have adapted and learned how to work on their business… and those out of business.

The GOOD NEWS is that our site is still relatively unknown. YOU can still be the first in your town to take action, learn the skills needed to raise the bar in your town and blow the competition away.

Start now.

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