Free Salon Spa Marketing Idea

Free Salon Spa Marketing Idea

We scored. Everyone else is enjoying the superbowl, watching expensive “branding” ads that are funny but produce no results, and we spent the week working on a deal that will land us THOUSANDS.

Our local Golds Gym is having their “biggest loser” contest. Being the first quarter, they’re also signing up new members like mad.

I have to admit, I should’ve approached them knowing this is their busy season, but they saw our television ad and approached us. They wanted a couple gift certificates to hand out to the winners.

We donated two $49 GC’s (hopefully they’ll upgrade to a full massage) and then said:

“How would you like a $20 gift certificate to EVERYONE who participated? Or better yet, how about also your new AND existing members?”

They were flabbergasted and thrilled. So I take it one step further and say “Why don’t you write a letter to your members saying how much you value them and wanted to thank them with a gift certificate to our spa.”

So they write a letter to their members, praising our spa, and hand it to them along with the $20 gift certificate we donated.

What have we done?

Given away 2 mini-massages to the “biggest loser” winners… gaining “grand prize” status.
Gotten not only our name out, but also $20 “gift certificates” (coupons essentially, everyone upgrades from these) to 1,000+ members to our core prospects, people who are willing to pay to improve their health.
Gotten a shining endorsement/testimonial handed out right along with those gift certificates.
…and we didn’t even pay for printing.
We’ve also helped out MANY with our donation.
And we’ve got a networking contact who loves us.
All because we TOOK ACTION and created an oppurtunity instead of waiting and hoping for something to happen. These aren’t the “salad days” of the 80’s anymore where people were pouring out cash like it was water. We started right as the tough times hit and have been slugging away ever since. Those who have had it good for decades and are now finding things are getting slim and are scared to death (…into inactivity). They’re biting their nails wondering how they’re going to make ends meet, hoping for a “dues ex machina” to save them. Guess what, it won’t happen, what ever does on its own? Kinda makes me thing of the old western, “the quick and the dead.”

So I saw an opportunity, decided to help out and then help out even further. The rewards will be not ten-fold, but 100-fold.

You should hear what we’ve got planned to get on the news again, but we’re waiting until just before Valentines day (for maximum impact).

You should take action too.

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