Double Your Salon Spa’s Gift Certificate Sales with 8 Words

Double Your Salon Spa’s Gift Certificate Sales with 8 Words

No bull, no tricks, and no kidding. We implemented this YEARS ago and it works without fail. And with the busiest gift certificate time of the year upon us, we thought we’d remind you how to approach gift certificate sales.

First, train your staff and practice with them (literally, role play) to make sure they aren’t handing people the menu and letting them stand around in confusion for 5 minutes while they try to decipher your menu. This will, without fail, result in the customer going to the massage category, searching for the cheapest one you offer and getting that.

Second, train your staff to take control of the situation and lead the client to what they are looking for, a great experience for their loved one! This can be done in a variety of ways, but let’s try these variations of 8 words.

Would you like a facial for her too? [in addition to the massage]
EVERYONE is just loving this package this year [pointing to your top package]
Want to know what my personal favorite is? [social proof]
A smile and letting people know what you feel is the best, what everyone else is getting or simply asking if they’d like more will result in cash. Not just a little cash, but literally double what people would choose on their own.

Feel that’s being pushy? Don’t! They want something INCREDIBLE for their wife, show them what that would be. Then do what they teach “Mary Kay” reps, shut up and wait for an answer. They say “whoever talks first loses.” They will say yes or no, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot (or pocketbook) by speaking first and blurting out something cheaper. Point out your top package, wait for an answer, and then wrap it up. Simple as that for those bold enough to learn 8 little words.

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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