Dead Waitress

Dead Waitress.

So, those commercials of the strawberry and whipped cream deals at I-Hop have finally persuaded us to come in (the kids got their way… again).

It cost ’em a pretty penny for tv advertising I’m sure, but it worked.

So we show up Sunday for brunch and they’ve even got a guy doing free balloon animals for the kids! The place was packed.

We coordinate our ordering for what we both want and what the kids will eat (you can tell we’ve been married too long can’t you) so Zhenya didn’t get what she really wanted (the mushroom spinach omlette with hollandaise sauce).

Then a few hours later our daughter, Alexandra, says she wants eggs for dinner so we’re back off to I-hop for dinner.


OK – You won’t believe this.


The place is empty, and we’re used to poor service (I think it’s our town), but here’s what we got:

Wrong information
More incorrect information
Missed requests
Another forgotten request
and a complete INDIFFERENCE to our presence (I think she was even the acting manager).
The lack of concern, questions, personality from the morning we wrote off since it was so busy, but this evening was even worse. You’d swear our waitress was dead. Normally, you would think if we were one of two people there in her section she’d really wow us to try to maximize her tips, NOPE.

…so it made me think (as I often do as an owner) “Employees!”

Then it made me think the company is ultimately responsible for molding their employees into what they want them to be.

Then it hit me that if that was a spa service, I would NEVER be back after paying that much to have received the “same ‘ol” service from someone who could care less if I was there or not.




Are you letting your staff ruin your business?

Are you too busy working IN your business that it’s falling apart around you?

Too busy with financial worries to put forth the effort and work required to turn things around?


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REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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