The country is heading towards a change. Left or right, right or wrong, heck, even good or bad, change will take place.

Most have sat in their salon or spa, losing money. The recession and economy problems for day spas and medspas have been many. Clients are cutting back on massages and other “luxury” items. Owners are feeling the crunch from all sides, staff, guests and financially.

Most have watched their dreams fade away. Many have closed their doors. Nearly all have looked for change to help them, but few have taken action. Fear has paralyzed them, lack of action has doomed them.

Then there are those who have taken action. They’ve used the economy to work for them. They’ve restructured their pay plan, they’ve rewritten their advertising to draw clients to them, they’ve implemented a marketing plan, they’ve trained their staff and utilized the tools provided to not lose out on a single call.

The spa owners who have taken action now have their regular client base coming in more often, spending more and loving it. They’ve created an atmosphere of prosperity and those like them are attracted to it. They are a haven in these unsure times, a beacon of strength and calm …what day spas strive to be.

When the dust settles, as it soon will, there will be those in worst shape than ever and those who have already risen above and are leading the way.

Where are you and where do you want to be?

What’s stopping you from being there?

What change do you need to make?

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