The $100,000 Mothers day Salon Spa Promotion

The $100,000 Mothers day Salon Spa Promotion

Details are in our monthly mastermind call…

Would you care to chat with someone who just did about $100,000 for mothers day? We did just that on our monthly mastermind call yesterday. Members helping members.

Today our VIP members will be diving right into “How to make Advertising work!”

And we’ve got 2 free videos online for our “day spa summit” interview series.

Set a goal, be specific, give yourself a deadline and take action.

Surround yourself with other successful owners.

Don’t put off making more money any longer.

Mothers Day Salon Spa Marketing Ideas

Mothers Day Salon Spa Marketing Ideas

It’s the second biggest week of the year.

We all know Christmas is the best sales-wise with gift certificates.

…but have you overlooked this Sunday? Mothers Day!

This is the BIG opportunity for you to make some extra cash.

Have you taken time to TRAIN your front desk staff how to LEAD the walk-in gift certificate sale?

Have you PRACTICED how they will present the “best value AND most popular” gift?

Men want to be led.

They don’t want to be stressed out trying to figure out what the heck a glycolic peel is in an uncomfortable “frilly” environment.


Greet them immediately.
Don’t hand them a menu, guide them through your specials.
WAIT for an answer, don’t immediately lose money by offering a second, cheaper option.
Include inexpensive addons instead of discounts.
Add value with addons instead of taking money off.
Put up a sign and some ballons to get attention!
Sell series or add in retail instead of big “all day” packages.
Put your biggest and best package out there first and WAIT for their answer.
…if you’ve gotten our “Stellar Gift Certificates” DVD you know what to do. If not, pick it up or better yet JOIN our family and really grow your business, turn it into the powerhouse you always dreamed it to be.

Got your game on?

Got your game on?

The bar has been raised.

People are pickier with how (and WHO) they spend their money with.

Spas are still busy, we’re doing better than ever… it’s just taking more work than usual.

We’ve honed our marketing to a “T” and have a completely automated follow-up system.

We’re on TV and are becoming superstars in our town.

We’ve been selling mothers day gift certificates for weeks now.

People are coming to us to network with.

In-house, we’ve trained our staff to reschedule like mad (we now are selling “4 week intensives”… staff who have never sold before are now doing so simply by following our systems).

Service is through the roof.

We’re personable, educational and have refocused off of “relax” and onto “health.”

…and this is just us. We’re still a relatively small spa with a tiny advertising budget.

There will be 2 types of spas next year. The spas who have adapted and learned how to work on their business… and those out of business.

The GOOD NEWS is that our site is still relatively unknown. YOU can still be the first in your town to take action, learn the skills needed to raise the bar in your town and blow the competition away.

Start now.

Are you a “need” or a “want”?

Are you a “need” or a “want”?

I’d have to guess over 99% of spas are making this mistake, which is practically telling clients NOT to come in to us.

It’s in your marketing.

It’s in your menu.

It’s in your signage.

It’s in your slogan/tagline.


It’s how we, as spas, are POSITIONING ourselves.

I just saw a NATIONAL ad in Self magazine for MASSAGE ENVY saying how tough it is to be a mom, get a massage, YOU DESERVE IT.

…while it’s good they’re on top of their mothers day game, they’re saying the same thing all the rest of us are, which is we’re a TREAT, a VACATION, an ESCAPE.

Now, if everyone is cutting back in this economy, which do you think will be the first thing to go? LUXURY ITEMS.

So we’ve positioned our own spa as more of a “health clinic” than “day spa.”

We consult with our clients, find the pain, delve into their issues.

We then offer a plan on how to fix them (this whole process is going to be one of our VIP membership topics this year).

We’ve taken the “foo-foo” pampering verbiage out of our menu and put up health oriented terms… “treatments” and “skin CARE.”

Even our membership plan is no longer a membership plan, but a “preventative maintenance program.”

Do the same, set yourself apart, make yourself a NEED instead of a WANT.

We Were Up Till 3am All Week For This…

We were up till 3am all week for this…
Christopher Brazy

We have got something VERY special for you, you’re going to LOVE this. Our existing members have been asking for more, so we’re delivering it.

As you know, we’ve been super-excited since we got back from the DaySpaExpo in Vegas.

Vegas was good for two things that go hand in hand.

First – It gave us a chance to really connect with other salon and spa owners to find out what their needs really are.

After surveying over 8,000 owners, it’s no surprise that:

Everyone is in need of more income/clients.

The crunch of the recession and the nation’s panicked reaction seems to be hitting “luxury” items such as spas pretty hard. Gift Certificates are no longer the hot item, spas are being cut from the budget, and our fellow owners are having an ever harder time keep their doors open.

Second – We had the opportunity to meet the nation’s top minds in the spa world and have created some very strong alliances for YOUR benefit.

We interviewed them (they’ll be online next week via our “day spa summit”), brainstormed and setup a special program that is going to help you take action and not only stay afloat, but GROW your business during this time.

Since we know how important staying profitable is (or even staying open for some) we’re opening up our little “black bag of secrets” for you and showing you step-by-step how we did it and how you can too.

We’re calling this opportunity to greatly increase your spas profits our “VIP membership plan.”

You can’t open your doors and expect people to flock to you with money.

You need to know how to work on your business, about marketing, advertising, service and retail tactics, compensation, automated systems… clients are pickier than ever and if you are not at the VERY top of your game, they’ll find someone who is.

Don’t worry, with our VIP membership you’ll be surrounded with other successful owners who will guide you each step of the way.

They’ll be no more not knowing what to do. No more being lost in the dark. You’ll begin to see money from your business. You’ll have time to spend with the family. You can relax knowing you can count on others to help you out.

Our VIP membership will literally take you step-by-step through an action plan to take your spa straight to the top. While others are biting their nails hoping for the money-tree to drop cash in their laps, you’ll be MAKING money and will be untouchable within a year.

HOWEVER (there’s always a “however” isn’t there), this VIP group is NOT for slackers.

If you’re one who wishes for change but won’t take action when shown exactly what to do, don’t bother.

If you’re a constant downer and don’t believe you can double your business’ numbers, we don’t have room for you.

If you start every new thing only to give up after a few short months, pass us by.

If you want a “magic pill” for a quick and easy fix, with no work on your part, forget it.

This is for those who want to rocket past the competition, squeeze every dollar possible out of their business and live the jet-set lifestyle they dreamed when opening it.

This is for those who know the value of opportunity and can afford the cost of a few services/month to double their numbers.

This is for the top 5% of people who actually get things done.

This is for those who are willing to share profitable ideas with other owners and support each other online in our private forum.

This is for those who opened their business so they could make more and work less, with time to spend on the important things in live… friends and family, FREEDOM to enjoy life.

Aside from the PRICELESS benefit of surrounding yourself with the best and brightest in the business that openly share their secrets and offer support for you as well, you’ll get:

An introductory hour consultation to jump start your new profitable business ($300 value).

Monthly coaching webinars showing you exactly what to do to make your spa more profitable (value $500)

DVDs of the Webinars in case you can’t make it (value $200)

Action-list/Newsletter of what you need to do to get that months task implemented (value $50)

Monthly Q&A Mastermind call (value $100)

MP3 download of monthly mastermind call (value $50)

Full Access to private, members-only site (value $119)

Owners Forum to support each other and share ideas (value $80)

Quarterly one-on-one 20 minute consults (value $100)

$1,499 Total VALUE of’s VIP membership

We had planned on a $399 Monthly Price, but decided on



Surround yourself with Success…

“If you want to learn how to golf, you can’t hang out in a pool hall.”

Who loves ya?
-Christopher & Jennia

PS There’s no sense in going through all this alone. JOIN NOW.

PPS If you’re an EXISTING MEMBER, create a second new accout OR renew to switch your plan over, your choice.

Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

Salon Spa Owner BURNOUT!

WHAT A WEEK!!! I bet you know what we’re talking about. But ours is in a good way… kinda. Aside from juggling the kids, messing with taxes, running our business and more, this week we have:

1 – Got in with the YMCA and setup some great opportunities.

2 – Finalized our DAY SPA SUMMIT for YOU! It’s 12 of the industry’s best minds and FREE. We hope to have it begin in 2 weeks.

3 – Been up to the wee hours of the morning EVERY NIGHT working on our new VIP membership. THIS MONEY-MAKER is going to be just INCREDIBLE for those who step up for it. We’ll give everyone here on our list a head start before we go public with it and promote it heavily early this summmer.
CLICK HERE and hit SEND to get on the priority notification list now.

So all this begs the question to be asked…


Take 4 minutes and listen to Jennia to find out the answer…

PLEASE leave comments for us BELOW.

Three-Punch to Salon Spa Profits!

Three-Punch to Salon Spa Profit!

INCREDIBLE ideas from Patti Biro & Felicia Brown from the day spa expo that we just had to share. You can educate your clients, have an event AND get on the news all at the same time. Check out the video for details.

OTHER ITEMS of note are:

1 – Have you got your Mothers day plans in the works? Now’s the time to start on that.

2 – We’ve lined up a dozen awesome speakers for everyone, we’re calling it the DaySpaSummit. Keep your eyes open for more details on it.

3 – We surveyed a few thousand spa owners and MORE PROFIT is at the top of their list for concerns. So we’re letting all of our secrets out of the bag and bringing on even more expert coaches to help you out via our VIP MEMBERSHIP. We’re going to surround you with success and do it all for half what we planned on charging IF you join during the first week.

Take 3 minutes and listen to Christopher about how to get on the news…

PLEASE leave comments for us BELOW.

Vegas, baby!

Surround yourself with success!

Thanks for the emails asking and sorry about the delay, we’ve been in Vegas!

A goldmine of information from each and every presenter. NEVER skimp on your education.

However, we can help catch you up, we’re having an online day spa summit in a few weeks that you can get in on to get up to speed on a little of what you missed.

…but you’ll never be able to get in on the networking and relationship building. “If you want to learn how to golf, you don’t hang out in a pool hall.” Just act quick next time opportunity comes around. Check out these pics, priceless!

Take 3 minutes and hear about our trip…

PLEASE leave comments for us BELOW.

We’re On Fire!

We’re On Fire!

Wow, we’re on fire! We’re getting more and more of our $20 “promo” gift certificates handed out by other businesses (essentially a coupon, everyone upgrades to a full treatment).

Our TV spot has made us VERY popular, everyone wants to work with us.

We’re also speaking at the Day Spa Expo in Vegas next week (do you have a spa there??? Let us know).

There is NOTHING like education to get you a quick return on your investment.

And since we’re spending time working ON our business, we don’t have to worry about finances. We spent a BEAUTIFUL day with the kids at the Denver zoo.

Take 3 minutes and listen to Jennia about the details of her latest deal…

PLEASE leave comments for us BELOW.