Attack of the Salon Spa Staff

Attack of the Salon Spa Staff
Janet Sanders
salon spa staff attack
Have you ever undergone an attack of the staff? It starts easily enough. You walk in the door and immediately people are telling you “we need laundry detergent, there are no slippers that match, isn’t my next client a request – that name looks familiar!”

Breathe deeply and smile. Always smile. A busy day running a spa is always better than a miserable day ________ (fill in the blanks with your last corporate wage job).

In most cases your employees just want you to be informed so that you can fix the problem. However, if a list is set up to keep you informed of items needed soon (detergent, polish remover, product, napkins, whatever) you can always get the list from the break room and make a dash out to pick stuff up. That’s easy.

What you should NOT do is to lash out at your employees saying “everyone just back off I just walked in the door!” Not good. You just set a bad tone, vibe in the spa. Now everyone is walking on eggshells and making plans to go home early or call in sick the next day to avoid you.

It’s not easy being the boss. But you gave yourself this distinction when you opened up your own business. You told your friends and family you could handle it. Well — this is it. You have to wear many hats. Some hats look good on you — the friendly concierge, the likeable shopper gathering supplies. But for some reason the Manager’s hat gives you the willies and doesn’t quite fit. Did you have a bad experience with a crazy boss? Did you vow never to BE a crazy boss? Don’t let your past experiences cloud your actions. Take people as they are and treat your employees with respect and admiration and they will do the same. Remember you EARN respect — it is not automatically given to you just because you are the employer. They are in a closed room giving spa services to your customers. They should know what you expect and how to conduct themselves and professionally represent you and your business.

If you love the spa business it will be very apparent to your employees and customers. If you are treating your spa business as a gold mine and the gold is not there and you are stressing, well then it may be time to end the misery and do something you truly enjoy doing. People want to do business with and work with people who enjoy what they do.

Although I don’t like being bombarded with questions when I walk in the door, I know my staff is concerned because these things need to be done and they know how important it is for the spa to run smoothly. If they did not care and whined and complained and did not alert me to things that are important they are no good to me or my business so I let them go ruin someone else’s world.

At the end of the day all problems are resolved. We made many clients so happy that they are returning at a later date. The laundry is still going. The phones are ringing. The website is up and selling for us 24/7. We have money in the bank. Cash tips are dispersed. We go home, get up the next day and do it all over again.

Work alongside your staff and set the tone of professionalism for your spa business. It will reward you with a satisfied group of employees that will grow with you because they believe in you.

Are you driving traffic to your Grandpa’s website?

Are you driving traffic to your Grandpa’s website?
Janet Sanders
driving traffic for salons
Do YOU have your Grandpa’s website? Worse yet, are you driving traffic to it?

Don’t bother. You will lose people faster than a right finger click killing a slow line by line pic download (who still has THAT going on?).

If you are not up on things your customers will perceive that your whole business is outdated and won’t even bother to read your website. Eyeballs are at an all time premium. We are a society constantly overloaded with things to do, text, see, take action on, listen to, etc.

What makes you think that a “click” to your website from a pay-per-service like Google or Facebook means that they will put up with looking at the tired ol’ times roman font, or the flash thingie you were so proud of in 1999 that flashes “S P E C I A L S ! ! !” all the time. And what’s up with the 3 exclamation points? Hmm?

It may be time to hire a professional writer to at the very least look over your website [you can get a free $97 website critique from Christopher by sending a blank email here]. How about checking in at some design websites to see what the trendy colors are these days? (2010 = Turquoise!) I was looking at a site the other day and it had the worst light pink, band-aid type color and all I could think of was being in College as a freshman having a dorm room that color in 1980. Yep, killed the whole mood for me — outdated colors and tired old fonts and websites that just center everything and have no design are just boring. Give me something fresh and nicely put together and show me you have put some thought into your site and then I will think — hey this business is pretty cool — I bet they do a great job and pay attention to detail and have updated cool spa services and…

See how things work in our brains?

We need stimulus. New. Fresh. Happy. Timely info. No Christmas specials should be lurking about when Valentine’s is staring us in the face.

So if you want new customers, you have to give the customers something new. You have time for this, yes you do. The internet presence for your business is so powerful that you would be silly not to pay attention to it.

So what’s an owner to do? LEARN by reading all you can and participating in meetup groups, or spend the $30 to take an Adult-Ed class. Get out there and meet some like-minded people like yourself and help each other out. Hey! You’re already on so you are already way ahead of some other owners sitting in the dark by themselves. Just get involved, post in the forum, join in on the mastermind calls.

Have a family member show you how to upload pictures from your camera. When you see how easy it is you will be so mad at yourself for not doing it sooner! Actual pictures of your spa are so much more powerful than any stock photography. Learn and make it happen!

Your Grandpa’s website is (let’s face it) really outdated. In order to get the movers and shakers into your spa to spend their hard earned mover/shaker cash….you have got to impress them — fast.

Your page should load fast.

Your pages should be well organized — easy to navigate.

Your image on that home page sets the tone for how they feel about your business.

What does your 1995 framed website say to them? (It says: “This place doesn’t have enough money to update their website; gee I bet I will get old products during my treatment”) Yep, that’s what they are thinking. Thanks Gramps, but we’re going to leave the yarn crocheted mouse covers here at the museum of all things internet circa 1995.

It’s time the website had a nice 2010 look and feel to it. Get creative and make it happen. If you don’t improve your website, your pay-per-click campaigns are just money down the soul train drain.

Salon Spa Customer Feedback Tips

CLIENT SURVEY: Top 50 Customer Service Tips for Salon Spas
Coyle Hospitality
Salon & Spa Customer Service Tips on
Clients were asked “What should all spas do to enhance your experience?” …and here’s what they said!

Make sure that the Massage Therapist asks the customer if they would like talking or silence during their massage.
Staff must be sensitive to the client’s needs by asking questions prior to beginning.
Advise clients on needed products without being high pressure.
Ask clients about pressure levels during massages and facials.
Ask about oil/lotion preferences- sometimes scents do not sit well with customers.
Most places just need to be friendlier, as spas can intimidate new clients.
Say thank you.
Train staff on the newest innovations and treatments.
Offer host service in the beginning- water, coffee, tea, and light snack.
Provide a relaxing waiting area.
Give samples or trials.
Remember customer’s preferences.
Offer feedback/satisfaction surveys.
Provide clients direct interaction with management.
Offer loyalty programs and perks.
Simplify the booking process.
Provide hand and foot massages during manicure and pedicure.
Keep a tight schedule so clients do not end up waiting.
Hire the best people in the field.
Make the entrance of the spa as inviting as the private rooms in the back.
Play relaxing light music.
Provide lots of magazine options.
Offer a variety of treatment choices.
Discount or “freeze” prices for regular clients.
Always fully explain the process of the service that is being provided.
Let the clients know you are grateful for their patronage and wish to see them again.
Subtle fragrances.
Soft fabrics.
Robes that fit all sizes.
Move the check in or check out area away from the door, as it gets busy there.
Offer a choice of music in the therapy room.
Offer upgrades on certain services (aromatherapy with massage, for instance).
Incorporate aromatherapy into all services.
Greet guests with open delight at their arrival.
Provide flavored water.
Keep a well stocked bathroom and locker room.
Provide thick robes and comfortable slippers.
Pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the facilities and employees.
Do not allow cell phones.
Have several yoga and meditation classes.
Provide lounge chairs.
Have staff work on and evaluate each other on a regular basis and give honest feedback.
Discount when guests have more than one service done.
Stay open late during the week and longer hours on busy weekend days.
Make sure the treatment rooms are warm enough
Respect the need for privacy.
No gossip, jokes, or arguments.
Offer alternative therapies such as Ayurvedic treatments.
Clients should not feel crowded or in a hurry.
Offer an opportunity to spend additional time in a relaxation room environment.

Salon & Spa Recovery Checklist

Salon & Spa RECOVERY Checklist
Christopher Brazy
Salon & Spa Recovery Checklist on
This “Quick-Fix & Turnaround” Salon & Spa marketing and compensation recovery plan comes from a recent question a member asked who had to save her business and fast!

This plan also works for those who really don’t know where to start or what to do. Here are the top areas of concern and progression you should consider taking ASAP.

1st Look at your numbers. Know what your monthly fixed, variable and periodic expenses are so you know what you need to do. A simple “plus” and “minus” column for each sale and each expense will be a good start.

2nd Set a goal using specific numbers and write it down. Keep this DAILY goal in view, up front. We even write what we need to do daily down so we can keep track throughout the day where we are.

3rd FIX your highest expense (compensation) immediately. Are you paying over 42% for your staffs’ pay (massage therapists, aestheticians, front desk and management WITH taxes included)? If so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever see a penny for yourself. MANY of our members HAVE made the switchover and are now profitable. Tackle it on your own, solicit help from the forums, hire us and our “compensation switchover” package, whatever, just do it!

4th Look at other expenses and fix them. MANY of your expenses can be lowered. Renegotiate your rent. Get smart with your advertising. Do you need 3 phone lines? What can and should you do about your open hours?

5th Look at other places your leaving money on the table (rescheduling, retail and esthetics). This takes implementing systems and training (do you have our dvds?). Put a system in place on how to answer the phone, book clients, handle upsells and add-ons, recommend retail and reschedule.

6th Only making money with half of your sales? Retail should be a high markup line like Alexandra. If 50% pay for staff leaves you with nothing, why do we think 50% for skin and bodycare (plus 10% commission & 5% shipping) will work?

NOW that your machine is well oiled, running smoothly and not leaving money on the table, it’s time to ramp up the marketing. Some of these items can begin immediately, but the more expensive advertising should wait until you’ve cleaned house with the above items.

Work your back-end existing clients first ( for new and regular clients, open houses, special events, etc).
Utilize to collect emails and send updates automatically. Call me when you sign up so I can help you get it setup right (if you miss one step you’ll regret it for life) … you should do this TODAY.
Send direct mail via to attract new clients.
Setup PPC campaigns on google, yahoo, bing and facebook.
Create a google/lbc listing.
Revamp your website so it’s web 2.0 using our services.
Start gathering video testimonials, and smother youtube with them.
Implement a HUGE referral program.
TV is great if you’ve got a budget, it ALWAYS pays for itself month after month with us (call for details).
Social media is good (youtube, facebook, twitter and a blog).

LASTLY? Consider joining our VIP program. The movers and shakers on there are making a BIG difference in their business.
So print this out and begin where you feel would be most beneficial for your salon or day spa.

“Take Action”

Atmosphere Spa Design Sam Margulies Speaks [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Purpose, Vision & the Experience in Spa Design”
Sam Margulies
Sam Margulies on
Creating, or redesigning a spa? This is a must see.

“Purpose, Vision & the Experience in Spa Design” by Sam Margulies of Atmospheres Spa Design

Under 15 minutes. The “skips” are mine, but the info is awesome.

Felicia Brown from Spalutions on Marketing [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Client Marketing Touches”
Felicia Brown
Felicia Brown on
Felicia Brown of Spalutions shows us all the different “marketing touches” a client encounters that can win or lose a client.

“Client Touches ” by Felicia Brown of

20 minutes of all the different ways we touch our clients.

Inspiring Champions Lauren Gartland [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Inspire Yourself”
Lauren Gartland
Lauren Gartland on
This inspirational talk will help you set and achieve your goals.

“Inspire yourself” by Lauren Gartland of Inspiring Champions

Find out what you need to create your vision, 17 minutes. PARDON THE SKIPS, our data was corrputed.

Salon Marketing Mindset with Andrew Finkelstein [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Marketing Mindset”
Andrew Finkelstein
Andrew Finkelstein on
Andrew Finkelstein of the Beauty Resource shares his tactics on how to create a mindset that produces profits.

“Marketing Mindset” by Andrew Finkelstein of &

VERY important info on your mindset, goals and taking action. Don’t miss these 14 minutes (PLEASE pardon the skips, the data was corrupted).

Salon Spa Accounting “6 Numbers” with Monte Zwang [VIDEO]

VIDEO: “Six Profitability Numbers”
Monte Zwang
Monte Zwang on
Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital shows us how to simple keep track of six numbers to ensure profitability.

“Six Profitability Numbers” by Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital

Under 20 minutes. The last third of this is just great.