Are you making this vital mistake? Most owners are

Are you making this vital mistake? Most owners are


Are you chasing away clients?

I got a message from a fellow business advisor, and it was so important that I thought you should read it.

************************ From Lee Milteer

A fast story to make a point!

Yesterday I went to a local store where I bought some deck furniture last year. Living on the beach is always a challenge with outside deck furniture. Over the years, I have found that normal outside furniture has rusted, blown away, or needed painting. So I found this new outside furniture that is not wood, will not rust, and it never needs painting! It’s very heavy and attractive and is made from recycled plastic bottles and containers. It has the look of traditional painted wood furniture, but doesn’t require any maintenance. And folks, I am into NO MAINTENACE. So last year, I redid my entire beach deck with this wonderful and expensive deck furniture. I love it and wanted some more of it.

I decided to reward myself and invest in my beach home again by replacing my top deck furniture. So I go back to the same store I bought from before. Wow, what a change in energy from last year!

First, they did recognize me since I had been to the store before and I had dealt with the owners. But this year as I started discussing the pieces I wanted, the first thing the owner said to me was “Wow, you are not going to believe the price increase from last year. The company has really raised the prices and now the freight is so high due to gas prices that I no longer can offer you any discounts from the retail prices like I did last year.”

I had actually walked into this store with the intent of spending another few thousand bucks to invest in my home. But as our conversation progressed, the owner kept showing me a comparison of what I paid last year and what I would have to pay this year. Bottom line: he talked me out of the sale with his negative view of life, and I was the only person in the store for over an hour. Now again, I went into the store to buy. I have no idea exactly what I paid last year. That was last year. Of course I expected prices to be a bit higher. So what? That is called life. Stuff gets more expensive, so buy now is my attitude.

What sent me out of the store running for my emotional well-being was the owner’s comment that he knew I flew a great deal and he saw in the paper where the airlines were going to raise the prices really, really high and they were NEVER going to come down again. He was like a wild man talking about high prices. This was almost like a Saturday Night Live skit it was so over-the-top! I could not believe what was happening and how he was ruining my mood AND killing the sale.

By this time folks, I was folding my tent and getting the heck out of this store. I was so repelled by this energy that I could not do business with these folks, and most likely will never go into that store again. Plus, when I went into this store on a Monday morning at 10:30 AM, it looked closed. No lights, no one in the store except for the owner. They are doomed. They are closed and don’t even know it. I am guessing they have run off all interested prospects from doing business with them. It’s not like they are the only people selling the stuff they sell. They are out of business due to their reactions to price increases, and don’t know it yet. They have created their own gloom and doom reality.

By the way, if they had just ignored the price increase and talked about how great the product was and how it would last over 25 years and still look new, never had to be painted –today I would be the proud owner of new deck furniture!

So bottom line, what are you thinking and focusing on? Are you letting the negative news determine your mood and energy of life? CUT THE NEWS OFF!!!! Stop hanging around people who bitch and moan all the time about what stuff costs.

Ask yourself, what are you and your staff talking about with customers and clients? If it’s not benefits and how your products and services will make them feel good-well you too, will have folks running out and away from your service or business. You must look at and focus on what is good, what is working, and how you are the right people to create solutions for others’ needs! Forget the cost of gas! Forget prices are higher, and focus on creating great services and making people happy! The fact is that there are always people spending money on things they want and need. You better make sure when they give you a crack at their money, you are in the state of mind to take it!

Today is a great day to look for the good in life. Someday, these will be the good old days!


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