Are you a “need” or a “want”?

Are you a “need” or a “want”?

I’d have to guess over 99% of spas are making this mistake, which is practically telling clients NOT to come in to us.

It’s in your marketing.

It’s in your menu.

It’s in your signage.

It’s in your slogan/tagline.


It’s how we, as spas, are POSITIONING ourselves.

I just saw a NATIONAL ad in Self magazine for MASSAGE ENVY saying how tough it is to be a mom, get a massage, YOU DESERVE IT.

…while it’s good they’re on top of their mothers day game, they’re saying the same thing all the rest of us are, which is we’re a TREAT, a VACATION, an ESCAPE.

Now, if everyone is cutting back in this economy, which do you think will be the first thing to go? LUXURY ITEMS.

So we’ve positioned our own spa as more of a “health clinic” than “day spa.”

We consult with our clients, find the pain, delve into their issues.

We then offer a plan on how to fix them (this whole process is going to be one of our VIP membership topics this year).

We’ve taken the “foo-foo” pampering verbiage out of our menu and put up health oriented terms… “treatments” and “skin CARE.”

Even our membership plan is no longer a membership plan, but a “preventative maintenance program.”

Do the same, set yourself apart, make yourself a NEED instead of a WANT.

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