Are they your clients?

“Your” Clients… or are they?
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“YOUR Clients” ….or are they?

Here we are in the lazy days of summer. There are no major holidays to plan for, business is slowing while people are out enjoying the summer. Last week’s AUDIO tip spoke about improving your online presence, which would be good to work on now (it often takes google Months to recognize your site changes, so you should start soon to be ready for fall). But what else should you be doing? How about looking at your clients.

Many caregivers feel that anyone they touch is now their client. Never mind that it took $106.87 to get the phone to ring to get them in through YOUR door, they now consider them theirs. This attitude often means “I plan on leaving and taking them with me when I do” (we even had one applicant that was spa-hopping to build her client list for her home spa).

Now I haven’t thought of this in a while because we have a pretty strict no-compete and privacy contract everyone has to sign (it scares away caregivers that think that way, so they never end up working for us).

But I recently got this email:
“Just wanted to let you know that I loved my first experiences at your spa… It was always a nice little drive to get away from it all… Lauri left & now Alli is leaving. Sad! Happy for her, though! 🙂
Well, I have shown loyalty to your spa & continued on as a client. Now, I must say that I have found another spa that I enjoy & will now frequent. Just figured it was only fair to inform you of my thoughts & decision. Thank you so much!
And, Jennia, you are such a kind & beautiful lady; someday, I will come to see you for some of your Skin Clinic services. Again, thanks!”

FYI Lori lived half an hour away and gave up the drive, and Alli’s husband found a job out of state.

So we’ve protected ourselves against caregivers stealing clients with our contract and interviewing practices, but now because of staff turnover for reasons out of our control we are losing a client!

What can we do? Well, we need to build the bond with the SPA. You can see she feels a bond enough to email us and even mentions how much she likes Jennia, but not enough to stay on with us. Jennia’s been busy as of late working IN the business, helping out with appointments, so hasn’t been up front as much. Make sure you are there to greet every client personally. Check up on them, see how they’re doing.

What else could we have done? Switching up caregivers would have helped. Usually people request an appointment with your spa, not a specific caregiver. So schedule the time, not the caregiver (i.e. the time slot is what gets first preference). This way you’re accomodating them and leading them to try new people and bond with the spa, instead of bonding with one caregiver.

The up-side of this? We are in weekly contact with our clients via our list. Chances are she’ll be back. Regardless, it’s invaluable feedback to have.

Oh, and our no-compete/privacy contract (I know we’re going to get emails), I’ll get it online later on this month.

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