A Reference Lesson


“A References Lesson”

We always try to check references, but sometimes we get such a great vibe or are in such a rush to hire, we forget to. This week we needed a new receptionist/manager. We had several top notch candidates (for less than $10/hour) so did reference checks to help us make our decision.

One applicant had listed a doctor in town and mentioned him often in her interview. She’d been there 2 years, done everything under the sun for him, his books, appointments, management issues, etc. However the number she gave was a cell phone. We ignored that and called the office directly. Come to find out, she had only worked there for less than 90 days and was let go before her probation was over. We gave her the benefit of the doubt and had her in for a second observation interview. When confronted about her information she said her resume must be wrong. Then after she left she called back SCREAMING at us about how she’s going to “sue us for illegally checking references” (I guess we were supposed to call the fake number). Too funny.

So what can we learn from this? Well, even with questions in place such as “have you even been in trouble with the law? Do you do drugs? Have you ever reported an employer?” people not only can slip through, but will out right lie. Perhaps she’s in desperate need of a job, or looking for a free lunch and needs an employer to take the fall for it. Regardless of her personal issues/needs, our concern needs to be for our clients and staff first who have put their trust in us. Reference checks will help identify those people who really need to be working for someone other than you.

Our Download area has our Interview Questionnaire.

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