A letter from Germany…

…a letter from Germany


Day Spa Association president Hannelore Leavy’s “FIGHTING RECESSION” seminar.


…you’re not in this alone.

“Dear Jen and Chris,

You are so right, it is so hard.

I am repeating to myself over an over again, same issues. They do what they want because they do not respect me. Because I was not clear enough, did not hold them accountable, wanted to be liked, avoided conflict and felt responsible for their failure. Even when I tell them nicely and with clarity, they look back at me nice, turn around and do their own things.

Since we are not having a cleaning lady everybody pitches in. This morning one of my most difficult employees (very good in retail, but scares clients away with her pushy and not so sensitive skills) told me right into my face.. I am not cleaning and you cant tell me to do that.

Well, yeah I think she just fired herself.

But German laws are very different and it is not easy and most employees fight for their job. I had that last year, a massage therapist calling in sick for two weeks, then again for one week, again for three weeks and so on. All the weeks she was fully paid by the spa. We have to pay six long weeks if not interupted. She would come back for one day, call in sick again it starts counting from zero.

I fired her during the probation time and she send her lawyer. She asked for overtime pay not having taken her break times etc. At the end I had to pay for ten vacation days.

Thanks again and I like to share the German experience. Yes, I even find we need the salonspaowner.com here as well. Maybe we find a way to do so.

…your tips have really helped me to come to terms.


Regina, we’re here for you along with everyone else here online and are glad to have helped you along. -Christopher & Jennia


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