Profit Tip & Independence Day is Coming…

This weeks weekly profit tip is:
“RETAIL and the importance of it for REGULARS!”


“Independence day” is coming…Sunday!

We’re theming our launch and grand opening to the public “Independence day”
Independence from overpaying staff!

Independence from working for little or nothing!
Independence from the Economy!

|image4|So we’re going to launch to members who are helping us tweak our forum this past month a day early, then open to the public next week. We’ve listened to your feedback (thank you SO much for all the positive responses!) and have a deal to the first 100 who sign up that’s going to blow you away which includes a FREE $87 “Compensation Pitfalls” DVD. You can read more about it in our blog.






Do you know that a client that does NOT buy retail is unlikely to visit us again? Everything went great, client loved it, but if there’s no retail, then there’s no repeat visit.

If a client buys 1 item (impulse buy), the odds go up DRASTICALLY that they’ll be back… but a return visit still statistically loses out to them not returning.

It’s only when a client buys multiple items (a commitment on their part) that the odds are now stacked in your favor of them returning as a regular client.

So how do we get staff to sell? Nevermind the bonus income from retail sales, a “regular” is at stake here! But many caregivers are still nervous about being “pushy” and think their service speaks for itself. Well, we need to TRAIN them. We let them know that as a professional caregiver, it’s up to them to recommend what will help the client. A “spa-scription” if you want, to let the client know that this product will help with their stress, pain, acne, whatever. TRAIN them they don’t have to sell it, just hold it up and say “this PRODUCT will really help with your PROBLEM, you’ll LOVE it!”… then tell them to set it down next to the register, say goodbye and walk away! The receptionist can now ask if they’d like to take it home with them. No pressure, no awkwardness, no problem. That’s the quick version anyway, we’ll have a full article on it in the future with a script to download to help you.

So, write it out and setup a time with each caregiver to practice this and you’ll be set to take advantage of each and every opportunity (client) that walks through your door.


For sale: Polaroid Mac 5
For sale: Dermacare Microderm unit, new.
LOOKING TO BUY: Biorenu SkinMaster unit

VIDEO TUTORIAL OF OUR SITE on some of its features:

REMEMBER, you have to TAKE ACTION to make a change.
Who loves ya?

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